Increase efficiency, save time and money

LiveCount speeds up the estimating process and provides contractors with the ability to seamlessly integrate and mark-up digital drawings and image files to streamline the quantification process. Thanks to the unique integration with Enterprise Estimating, there is no need to install any additional software as LiveCount is cloud-based.

  • Simply upload PDF or scanned images of your drawings into LiveCount
  • Avoid the need for importing data or repeated data entry
  • Ensure accuracy of initial or updated quantities
  • Save time by up to 25%

Powerful Drawing Takeoff


AutoCount removes the tedious counting task by allowing multiple items to be counted in a single search and repeat across multiple drawings and areas in your takeoff. You can then refine and save your search results even further with our patented AutoCount Refine feature.

Drawing Compare

Drawing Compare highlights what's been added or removed to your drawings since the last revision. Your existing takeoff from the original drawing can then be transferred to the revision and the annotations can then be adjusted to suit.

Scaled Measure

LiveCount’s measurement tool enables the user to rapidly calculate accurate lengths of pipes, conduits and cable trays in metric units across multiple drawings. Accurate scaled measures from drawings are processed quickly, assuring your clients a timely tender pricing.

Drawing Legend

Descriptions, styles, quantities and measurements are always up-to-date in LiveCount as they can be added to the Drawing Legend automatically. You can provide a list of quantities when you export the Drawing Legend alongside your drawing to PDF and send it directly to installers on site.

Cloud-based Takeoff

As a cloud-based solution, LiveCount gives you the ability to manage large images and projects quickly without printing a single drawing. Additionally, the image processing available within LiveCount is infinitely faster thanks to the ability to use more processing power from across a larger number of secure servers.


Integrated Estimation

Sync your takeoff with an estimate automatically


Integration with Estimating Software
Avoid the need to import data or repeated data entry as LiveCount has a direct link to Enterprise Estimating. The integration means that any change in the LiveCount takeoff is also updated in Estimating, and vice versa. Data from your takeoff is saved directly into your estimate in Enterprise Estimating so there is no chance for loss of work.

Count & Measure directly to Enterprise Estimating
LiveCount has the ability to count and measure digitally, then update the line item in Enterprise Estimating directly from the takeoff count.

Single source of truth
With the integration, LiveCount is the single source for the items counted within it.

Download your takeoff to share with project managers and your procurement team. Estimators no longer have to send a list to their stakeholders, they now can see the legend underneath their takeoff drawing.


Take accurate measurements from any PDF or scanned drawing of your plan

For more information about LiveCount, you can request a demo or view features.