Trimble® Field Link for MEP

The definitive construction layout solution for the MEP contractor. A robust solution that consists of the Trimble Field Link software powering the ruggedized Trimble Field Tablet connected to a Trimble Robotic Total Station.

Trimble Field Link for MEP enables one person to handle layout faster and more accurately than two people using the traditional "yard stick" method, reducing labour costs and eliminating mistakes that lead to costly re-work.

One person can accurately layout hundreds of points in a single day even when in a complex design.

  • Increase layout productivity by up to 5 times
  • Layout single or multiple trades at any one time
  • Easily perform QA/QC for layout points in the field and send reports back to the office
  • Decrease layout cost
  • Reduce rework by setting out with coordinated design files


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Trimble Field Link for MEP

Robotic Total Stations

Trimble Robotic Total Stations provide continuous measurement information for the accurate layout of your design data. On the jobsite, you can set up the total station in a convenient, visible location and perform positioning up to 700 meters away with the prism pole. In addition, to reach dangerous or difficult locations, you can use the reflectorless distance measurement capability to measure positions up to 700 meters away.

Trimble Field Tablet & Software

Engineered for harsh field conditions, the Trimble Field Tablet is rugged and built to withstand the daily abuse of construction work. It meets stringent military standards for drops, vibration and humidity; and with an IP65 rating, it is protected against dust and water.

  • Modern, touch screen interface with expandable detail pane for improved point information during layout
  • Improved Visual Layout Feature for easy identification and lay out of points directly on a surface (for hanger and insert positions located on the ceiling)
  • Easily view 3D Design models (DWG or DXF format) in the field using an on-board 3D model viewer
  • A list of points to be staked is created eliminating the need for field crews to "skip" points that do not need to be staked.
  • Users have the ability to customize their view of the layout screen to view in full-screen mode, view as list, view as 2D overhead map, and view as 3D map.
  • "Bullseye" view in layout mode displays horizontal and vertical in-tolerance notifications when prism is near the field point.

Layout faster and more accurately than two people using a tape measure

For more information about Trimble Field Link, you can request a demo or call 0800 028 28 28.