Tighter control of plant and tools 
Develop a detailed overview of plant and tools usage throughout the company, including location of all items by name, serial number and engineer or contract items were issued to. You can also issue items to specific operatives or contracts for a pre-defined period of time.

Integration with other areas of the business
Manage tools and plant within the Contract Master folder environment for close integration between different areas of contract management.

Links to Contract Costing
Automatically re-charge tool and plant costs to specific projects using links to Contract Costing.

Valuable management information
Use the integral tools within ToolsMaster to set up reminders for PAT testing and servicing dates for tools and plant, as well as for dates that items are due to be returned from site.

Sorting information to suit
Manipulate tools and plant data with ToolsMaster’s integral reporting tools to ‘slice and dice’ information in the ways that suit your needs.

Enhance key information
Add notes to plant and tool items to include extra information beyond the standard data relating to the equipment.


Track all tools, plant and vehicles. Who has what, where and when is the item due back.

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