Extreme Stock Control

Perfect for medium sized contractors who need a simple yet comprehensive stock control system, producing stock location and stock price reports, as well as warnings when stocks fall below pre-set levels.

  • Allows stock items to be selected from pricing data and re-priced at any time
  • Features tracking and control of all incoming and outgoing stock movements
  • Manages as many stock locations as you like
  • Includes minimum re-order levels, on-order quantities and full audit trail
  • Enables direct invoicing of stock items to Sales Accounts in Extreme Contractors’ Accounts
  • Links with Extreme Job Costing for transferring items directly into stock
  • Incorporates full stock-take routines for simple auditing and management control of stock quantities and values



Create Stock Controls

Create stock records quickly
Link Stock Control to pricing data to create your stock record quickly and easily – all you have to do is enter the quantities of each item. This ensures accurate and consistent material descriptions and prices throughout your company.


Stay in Control

Stay in control
Set up minimum re-order levels, on-order quantities and a full audit trail to stay in control at all times.


Keep on Track

Keep on track
Track and control all incoming and outgoing stock movements, complete with a full history for each stock item.


Easy stock re-pricing

Easy stock re-pricing
Re-price your stock at any time, using links to your pricing data, so you can not only access your own stock, but also any other items contained in your pricing data package.

Links to accounts
Invoice stock items directly to Sales Accounts held in Extreme Contractors’ Accounts with no re-keying of account information and automatic updating of invoice details, thus saving time and ensuring accurate recording of all stock invoices

Links to job costing
Use the routines within Extreme Job Costing to transfer items directly into stock.

Simple auditing and control
Implement full stock-take routines using simple auditing and management tools for control of stock quantities and values, including facilities to revalue stock automatically to reflects current material prices.

Data that works with you
Team up your stock control system with pricing data from Estimation Data Services, which features in-built intelligence that eliminates lengthy set up procedures. With Live Update technology, you can also update the data every time you connect to the Internet, or as regularly as you choose.

A simple yet comprehensive stock control system.

For more information about Stock Control, you can request a demo or view pricing options.