Stabicad is fully equipped and ready to support UK MEP professionals produce quality, usable mechanical project output.

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Features in Stabicad

Feature List:

  • Sprinkler Design Tool to European standards
  • Embedded UK and international manufacturer constructible content
  • Extensive MEP productivity tools such as autorouting, openings manager and schematic design
  • Full stakeholder collaboration and coordination with free access to Trimble Connect

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Features in depth

Revit Integrated Software
Stabicad seamlessly integrates with Autodesk Revit to perform calculations and design 3D models and 2D schematics in accordance with UK regulations. Stabicad software is totally dedicated to building-services applications, including HVAC, plumbing and fireservice pipework. Drawings can be viewed, drawn and edited in 2D as well as 3D, enabling MEP engineers and contractors to check for clashes with other equipment and structural elements.

Revit Integrated Software
Nodesolver in Stabicad

The Nodesolver is a unique connections tool available in Stabicad to connect pipes, ducts and other elements and resolve complex nodes quickly and accurately. You can connect a grille to the ventilation system and the nodesolver will automatically place the necessarily ductwork, damper and flexibles where needed, creating a truly constructible and practical solution.

Autorouting is ideal for quickly setting up and calculating a system during the design stage. Stabicad supports Revit’s autorouting functionality, allowing modelling a duct or pipe system to be dynamic. When adjusting the dimensions of a system, the specific properties will be automatically be updated in Revit. For example, when adjusting the diameter, the article number will be updated automatically.

Autorouting in Stabicad
Prefabrication in Stabicad

Minimize your preparation time for accurate and timely off-site prefabrication. Stabicad enables a complete and seamless prefabrication workflow, from concept to installation. This makes it easy for you to create prefab sets through selection, and the coding tool can be used to code the sets in your own desired way with standard or personalized codes. Prefab sheets can be generated automatically and tags are inserted automatically.

Integrated calculations
Save time and prevent the errors associated with using external third-party calculation software. Stabicad provides fast, accurate, fully integrated calculations in accordance with CIBSE and international standards. Whether you need to calculate ventilation, duct work, balancing and full sound, chilled and hot water, tap water, waste water or sprinkler, Stabicad gives you direct insight into the best design choices.

Get to know more about our integrated calculations here.

Calculations in Stabicad
Openings in Stabicad

Take control of your Revit openings with the openings functionality in Stabicad. It allows you to generate openings on places where ducts or pipes are clashing with structural elements, such as walls or floors. Structural engineers can review and edit where openings will be created in their drawings.

Export and Import Excel
The Export and Import Excel seamlessly combines the functionalities of Revit and Microsoft Excel. Easily export Revit data to Excel, edit the elements by changing parameter values, adjust your Revit Schedules, Plans, Sheets and Views, and import them back into Revit, without any hassle.

Export & Import into Excel in Stabicad
Content in Stabicad

Stabicad offers fully integrated, up-to-date UK and international manufacturer specific content, as well as generic and editable content for MEP. Easily navigate our BIM library with the MEPcontent Browser with great speed and flexibility to select and download 3D content from MEPcontent. Thanks to the high quality, uniform and parametric content which has been standardized to local and European standards, the data can be easily shared and exported, for example in a COBie file.

Get to know more about our integrated Content here.

Connected Collaboration with Trimble Connect
Share, manage and access all project data with all other key stakeholders with Trimble Connect, which is included with Stabicad. Trimble Connect helps you to quickly identify and rectify clashes, communicate changes and invite feedback at anytime, anywhere.

Get to know more about the benefits of working with Trimble Connect here.

Produce accurate 3D designs in Revit® with Stabicad

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