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Go beyond Revit with high-quality standardised UK and international manufacturer constructible content embedded in Stabicad.

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3D Standardised MEP content

Enhance your experience of Revit with Stabicad. Stabicad enables you to easily change the level of information in your model from generic to specific and detailed as the project progresses

Save valuable hours and stop wasting time sourcing manufacturer content lists to download or creating your own 3D MEP elements for your model. Instead, use Stabicad which provides access to the BIM library, MEPcontent. All elements are standardised to EMCS to ensure every element is consistent with other elements in your model.

In Stabicad, elements can be uniquely coded from the schematic diagram onwards. With the availability of up-to-date manufacturer data and the ability to add them directly to the model via links, you're assured that you have the right items present during the entire lifecycle of a model.

The product information in a model, including documentation from the manufacturers' website, is stored in Stabicad's central project management environment. In this way, the user of the building has all the necessary building information at hand for management and maintenance.


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