Stabicad ensures compliant designs with integrated HVAC calculations according to UK and international standards.

The integrated calculations in Stabicad enables users to calculate MEP system scenarios based on UK standards.

This functionality also includes features such as generation of reports and calculation overviews that interact directly with your results in Revit in accordance with the relevant standard(s), regulation(s) and/or guide(s), plus export functionality to various extensions.

Content in Stabicad

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Design Area UK Standards, Regulations and Guides International Standards, Regulations and Guides
Waste Water Pipe Sizing BS EN 12056 For wastewater: EN 12056, DTU 60.11, DIN EN 12056 / DIN 1986-10, NTR 3216
Ventilation Duct Sizing DW144 and CIBSE Guide C for pressure loss  
Heating and Cooling Pipe Sizing CIBSE Guide C for pipe sizes, material roughness and pressure loss and CIBSE Guide B1 for heating and cooling  
Hot and Cold Water Pipe Sizing BS 8558, CIPHE and CIBSE Guide C  
Sprinkler System   EN 12845 (2002) and NFPA 13 (2013)
System Balancing DW144 and CIBSE Guide C  
Sound   ISSO 24

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