Use SingleCable to size an individual circuit quickly and easily, in accordance with BS 7671 IET Wiring Regulations.

Single Cable calculates the required cable current carrying capacity for the circuit in your design using the procedures described in BS 7671 Appendix 4. The software can be configured to automatically suggest an appropriate conductor size or check the suitability of a manually selected conductor

Single Cable Result allows for quick analysis of your results once the calculated; this can be found at the bottom of the programs screen. 

Once calculated, the program also enables you to look at the results for the next cable size larger or smaller, and the same facility is available for the protective device.


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Feature List

  • Calculate any cable in seconds
  • Automatic Update Notification
  • Compliance with BS 7671
  • Minimum Cable Size Calculations
  • Automatic Protective Device Ratings
  • Earth Fault Disconnection Time
  • Instant On Screen Results
  • Up/Down Cable Button
  • Up/Down Protective Device Button
  • Choice of reports
  • Full Cable & Protective Device Database
  • Powerful ProDesign Based Calculation Engine
  • Comprehensive calculations to BS 7671


If you also require Part P compliant Test & Inspection certificates - SingleCable Domestic is included in FastTest

Quickly calculate single circuits to BS 7671

For more information about SingleCable, you can request a demo or view pricing options.