3D Model Evaluation Service

As an MEP contractor or sub-contractor, being passed a 3D model that doesn’t translate properly to the construction phase can cause serious problems, trigger delays and prove costly. Our Evaluation Service rigorously checks the model to ensure you don’t inherit problems or end up taking responsibility for existing omissions or oversights.   

As BIM becomes an increasingly important focus for the AEC industry, it’s never been more vital to ensure models are accurate and workable when you receive them. The worst case scenario is being passed a model that doesn’t translate realistically to the actual construction phase. Whether you’re an MEP contractor or sub-contractor this can cause serious problems, trigger delays and lead to a loss of potential profit. 


What we offer

When you’ve received a BIM model from a contractor or engineer, our model evaluation service inspects it in fine detail, noting any omissions, mistakes or areas for improvement. Following this independent, unbiased and thorough review we will make any recommendations for improvement or, subject to consultation, even fix the model for you.

We assess the model using eight key quality indicators and then issue you with a clear and detailed report you can then share with the design team and owner. Including detailed explanations of issues and comparing 2D snapshots with 3D snapshots (where applicable). The report also ensures that any problems are identified at a stage where it’s easy to identify exactly who has responsibility for any issues, ensuring you don’t find yourself inheriting culpability for legacy problems or the need to back-track and find solutions when construction work is underway.


  • A 2D drawing to 3D model comparison
  • Detailed reports containing issues with the model
  • Recommended actions for resolving issues
  • BIM model score card

Trimble 3D Model Evaluation Service

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