Sefaira Systems

Real-time HVAC design for engineers

Your clients want more feedback in early design. Owners and architects increasingly want their engineering consultants to assess more design options and HVAC systems, earlier in the process. Sefaira Systems enables you to deliver robust insight quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Rapid - From an architectural model to key HVAC outputs in under 10 minutes
  • Robust - Built on EnergyPlus — the industrystandard for building simulation
  • Flexible - Easily compare massing options, envelope properties, and HVAC design choices




Sefaira Systems

Collaborate more closely with architects
Provide data-driven input on key architectural and HVAC decisions without spending a lot of time and fee.

Sefaira Systems produces high-quality HVAC sizing and energy results directly from architectural Revit and SketchUp models, enabling you to rapidly compare design options and respond to architectural changes.


Win more work by building relationships in early design
Architects and owners are increasingly looking for engineering consultants who can provide good early feedback on system options, sizing, energy use, and energy cost.

Sefaira Systems allows you to deliver on these expectations and build lasting, productive relationships with your clients.


Best-in-class analysis engine
Sefaira Systems uses the industry-standard EnergyPlus engine and expert-designed HVAC templates to deliver accurate results every time. Export results in IDF, HTML and Excel formats for later stage investigations.

Exceed your clients' expectations

Sefaira Systems can help you deliver added value for you clients


Justify a high-performance design
Create a case for better performance: justify improvements to form and envelope with HVAC sizing or operational cost reductions.


Define space requirements early
Understand sizing implications of owner specifications and HVAC system options.


Explore multiple systems to optimize performance
Identify the best overall solution by studying the impacts of early design and system choices.

Real-time HVAC design for engineers

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