QuoteMaster is the most efficient way of managing suppliers’ and sub-contractors’ quotations with no need for proprietary item or vendor codes, or special product data.

Integration with Estimating and Procurement
Select the materials to contain in requests for quotations directly from your estimating or buying screen with no re-keying.

Net Price Agreements
Use advanced tools to manage Net Price Agreements, which are also stored, ready to be refreshed when the current agreement is drawing to a close.

Single suppliers list
Ensure that all of your departments are using the same, central suppliers list for estimating and purchasing.

Integration with Word and Excel
Automatically generate quotation requests using templates of your own design in Microsoft Word or Excel for printing, for faxing or emailing to suppliers. All supplier information is automatically included in the quotation request to save even more time.



Adjudication screen

Adjudication screen
Make like-for-like comparisons of returned quotations in the user-defined adjudication screen, ensuring that all aspects of the supply, including delivery, fixed price allowances etc. are considered in the adjudication process.



Global view of all quotations
Take a global view of quotations across all enquiries and projects, enabling you to keep track of which quotations you have requested, those that have been received and which remain outstanding from suppliers


Minimise re-typing

Minimise re-typing
Automatically post selected supplier and prices back into your estimate or purchase orders without the need for re-keying, ensuring complete accuracy and increased productivity.



Tap into e-Procurement
Use the power of the internet to obtain suppliers quotations and product availability online, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Quick, Simple and efficient administration of suppliers' and sub-contractors quotations

For more information about QuoteMaster, you can request a demo or call 0800 028 28 28.