We're a Quality Assured software supplier

Amtech has been operating a Quality Management System since 1994.

Amtech's Quality Policy
To provide a range of software that increases the efficiency and productivity of our customers. 
To produce quality software whose development complies with the relevant Standards, legislative requirements and the Amtech software development procedures. 
To ensure that all customers benefit fully from Amtech's software by providing a high standard of customer support. 
To encourage feedback from users to enable the products to be continuously improved and new products developed.

Why is quality important?
Not all software is the same. Don't be persuaded to buy software because it looks good in the brochure and the price is right. You must be sure that you are also buying a product which is stable and reliable with a first rate after-sales service. In short, a quality product.

This is particularly important when buying specialised electical software. Electricity is dangerous and the consequences of badly designed electrical installations, incorrectly sized cables and protective devices, as well as poor quality documentation and certification, should not be under estimated. The onus is on you - the engineer - to ensure that any installation is safe and documented correctly. Software is an important part of this process as it ensures a consistent method of carrying out your job. Using a quality software product is therefore vital.

Amtech's quality system is specifically for the development of Electrical Software and Support Services. Amtech is regularly audited by the BSI and continual improvement of Amtech's quality procedures are ongoing.

What does this mean for you?
All programs are developed and designed at Amtech using a recognised and established methodology. 
All software developed is thoroughly tested before it is released to our customers. 
Customer support queries are properly tracked and responded to effectively, using a Call Logging System. 
Feedback is monitored and the products are continually improved in response to customer feedback. 
Before you buy electrical software, make sure your selected supplier is operating under a recognised Quality System.