Protect makes the job of carrying out a protection study easier  and so much faster than by other methods.

  • Extensive Manufacturer supported database
  • Automatically checks Icu ratings and gives warnings on screen
  • Link feature from ProDesign
  • Manufacturers data sheets
  • Intuitive interface
  • Checks existing systems
  • Graphical trip unit images
  • Tolerance Bands
  • Colour Reports
  • Interactive Single Line Diagram
  • Earth Fault
  • Switchable Over Current Fault
  • Choice of Display Settings
  • Zoom & Click Feature


Which Version?

Protect is available in two versions, Protect LV and Protect HV. Choose the one that suits your needs.



Protect LV
Protect LV is ideal for small to medium-sized projects using low voltage systems.



Protect HV
Protect HV - for Low, Medium and High voltage protection studies. Large database of protective devices to suit all situations.


Co-ordination studies and protective device selection made easy.

For more information about Protect, you can request a demo or call 0800 028 28 28.