Which Version

ProDesign is available in different versions to suit all sizes of business. Order the version that best suits your company and the type of work you do. If your situation changes, no problem, just upgrade to the next level.

The best value way to buy ProDesign is to purchase Amtech Office. In addition to ProDesign you will also receive 5 other products including Co-ordination & Device selection, Inspection & Testing Certification and Cable sizing software.




Domestic Installations

For domestic installations ProDesign 4 is the answer. Design any installations of up to 4 boards to BS 7671 quickly using a series of simple tabbed input screens.



Commercial Work - up to 25 boards

For commercial work where you require a full schematic, powerful cable calculations and full integration with co-ordination software then choose from ProDesign 4, ProDesign 13 or ProDesign 25.


High Voltage

Larger Projects or High Voltage

If your projects are larger than 25 boards or you require high voltage solutions then choose ProDesign 100 or ProDesign 200. For more information click on the 'Larger Projects' tab.


Based or work on projects in the Middle East?

ProDesign ME is designed to meet DEWA and ADDC requirements. The input schedules are designed to have a layout familiar to local engineers and provide load design details compliant with DEWA or ADDC regulations. Completed schedules are made available for export in Excel in a format compatible with the model described in the DEWA or ADDC regulations as required.


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Create full electrical designs and calculations to BS 7671

For more information about ProDesign, you can request a demo or view pricing options.