Middle East

ProDesign ME includes all the features of ProDesign but has been designed to meet the specific requirements of the Middle East.

The input schedules are designed to have a layout familiar to local engineers and provide load design details compliant with DEWA or ADDC regulations. Completed schedules are made available for export in Excel in a format compatible with the model described in the DEWA or ADDC regulations as required.

Depending on the region in which the building being designed is located, the user can select either a DEWA or ADDC format schedule.

Before ProDesign ME, designers would calculate projects with spreadsheets giving them no access to advanced design and calculation features. Alternatively they would use specialised software then later, manually produce the schedules in a spreadsheet. This meant duplication of data with potential errors in addition to wasted time.

ProDesign ME allows the whole project to be completed quickly and accurately. From producing the initial electrical schematic, selecting protective devices and calculating cable sizes through to producing the output schedules as required by DEWA and ADDC regulations.

We are working in partnership with Sentor Electrical Sevices in the Middle East. This gives local access to ProDesign ME throughout the region.

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