ProDesign is packed full of powerful features to save time and improve accuracy.

Protective Device Selector
ProDesign contains the UK’s largest range of fuses, circuit-breakers and relays. These are defined with manufacturer approved data to ensure complete accuracy. We continuously update the database to include new protective device products as soon as they are released. We also proved a comprehensive selection of cables and manufacturer specific busbar ranges.

ProDesign Schematic Instant Data Display
Instantly access key data about any network component in your project graphically on screen. Hover your mouse over any item to track data relating to it. You can set the items you want displayed to suit the way you work. Save time over using calculated result summaries when diagnosing problems in your design.



Cable Fixing Method

Cable fixing method
The selected installation method is displayed graphically on screen ensuring the correct method is easily selected. This means you will always be sure that you have selected the correct BS 7671 installation method. This intuitive new graphical view will also help you when filling out other cable parameters. The illustrations are the same as shown in the regs.


Load Summation

Load Summation and Cable Sizing
ProDesign automatically sums the loads throughout a project, applying user controlled diversity settings where defined. ProDesign calculates the required cable or busbar current carrying capacity for each circuit in the design using the procedures described in BS 7671 Appendix 4. The software can be configured to automatically suggest an appropriate conductor size or check the suitability of a manually selected conductor.


Voltage Drop

Voltage Drop
The voltage drop calculations in ProDesign are designed to assist the user in complying with the requirements of BS 7671. ProDesign can automatically enforce the voltage drop limits stated in Appendix 4 Section 6.4. Alternatively, user derived voltage drop limits can be applied.



Line and earth fault adiabatic checks
Adiabatic calculations are required to check that the cross-section of all conductors are sufficient to withstand the energy let-through of the circuit protective device fault conditions. ProDesign automatically performs adiabatic checks. Manufacturer sourced energy let-through characteristics are used to ensure accuracy.


Selectivity checks
The selectivity checks ensure that, wherever a fault might occur in the network, the protective device nearest the fault will operate to disconnect it rather that the next device upstream. Two methods of selectivity check, energy-based and time-current, are available. Manufacturer sourced characteristics are automatically overlaid to check for time/current selectivity issues. Manufacturer publishedselectivity tables are used to detect energy-based selectivity errors.

Feature List:

  • Fast, accurate design calculations to BS 7671:2018
  • Produce single line schematic designs quickly and easily
  • Design new or verify existing installations
  • Produce ‘What if’ scenarios
  • Manufacturer’s data for over 16,000 protective devices
  • Range of manufacturer busbars
  • Extensive load type list including lighting loads
  • Multiple earthing options
  • Voltage drop calculations
  • Bi-directional link to Protect LV
  • UPS Modelling
  • Save reports and schematics as PDF files
  • Scalable to suit any project
  • Comprehensive range of high quality reports

Create full electrical designs and calculations to BS 7671

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