ProDesign 3D makes your Revit workflow seamless, one model removes the need to duplicate in separate softwares.

Inline calculations improve the immediacy of results, reduce duplicated effort and create better workflows. ProDesign 3D enables you to continually check your 3D electrical designs for compliance to BS7671 standards with reliable results.


Find and fix calculation errors
Calculations sometimes expose design errors. Any such errors are reported within the Revit® model in a way that’s already familiar to ProDesign users. Each reported error provides a navigational link back to the model helping you to understand the problem and rapidly achieve a resolution.


Conceptual design made easier
Conceptual design estimates are an important starting point for any new project. Room assigned electrical load estimates for Lighting and Power in Revit® can be transferred into the first round ProDesign 3D electrical calculation to estimate the Board rating and sub main cable sizes before the detailed design begins. The facility pushes rule of thumb estimates into the past.


Cable Lengths
Obtain cable lengths directly from the Revit model, and add a design
allowance automatically.


Data Entry Tool
Easily modify electrical components in the 3D Revit environment quicker than ever before. ProDesign users can now experience less resistance to large changes in their project in a single place. The software provides users with options in how to select components, either manually by choosing the component from a select board or automatically by choosing the command to update each time a new component is selected.


Cable Routing Tool
Cables and Busbars can be routed with a greater visual experience as the components routing upstream or downstream are highlighted in green and red respectively whilst other components are greyed out. ProDesigns Users can ensure greater accuracy in their models as cable lengths can be clearly seen with the enhanced contrasting colours.

Market leading content

ProDesign 3D leverages the UK’s largest range of fuses, circuit-breakers and relays all within Revit® 2016 and above, ensuring that you can build accurate designs and look at alternative scenarios.


Boards and Cables

Access to all the engineering details for your design including cable fixing methods, load summation and cable sizing, distribution board settings, voltage drops, line and earth fault adiabatic checks and selectivity checks.


Generate schematics

Completed designs can be opened in ProDesign where full schematics can be generated supporting your full construction delivery workflow.

Identify equipment and wire types in Revit® 2016 and above as ProDesign 3D busbar components to perform calculations using approved manufacturer busbar data.


Motors & Motor starters
Motor starters can be recognised as a separate item of equipment in ProDesign 3D. Enter Trimble shared parameters into your motor family to auto populate Motor Settings in ProDesign 3D.


Revit / ProDesign 3D Mappings
Take advantage of our Revit mappings for Wire Types and Load Classifications to ProDesign 3D cable and load types. Mapping these automatically brings through the cable and load types in the ProDesign 3D settings dialogs.


Assigned Spaces
Use the Revit® Space feature to estimate loads in the model in ProDesign3D. We take the Revit® Space settings and data to perform an estimated load calculation of the Revit® spaces assigned to boards.


  • End to end workflow in Revit®
  • Know your designs are BS 7671 compliant
  • Access to market leading device database
  • Rich engineering information stored in the single 3D model
  • Designs remain coordinated with the totality of design
  • Revit® / ProDesign 3D mappings
  • Assigned spaces

Feature List:

  • Design in 3D
  • Configure devices using ProDesign settings
  • Run calculations
  • Identify non-compliance
  • Generate reports
  • Produce schematics
  • Manufacturer's data for over 36,000 protective devices
  • Cable routing
  • Data Entry

Produce accurate, BS 7671 compliant 3D electrical designs in Revit® MEP

For more information about ProDesign 3D, you can request a demo or call us on 0800 028 28 28.