Procurement is packed full of time saving features allowing you to make effective buying decisions and control your purchasing. 

Master Buying List
Use the Master Buying List to provide constant comparisons of purchasing performance against estimated purchasing requirements, with automatic warnings to highlight areas of over ordering in time to take corrective action.

Drag and drop purchase orders
Create single or multiple Purchase Orders directly from the Master Buying List simply by ‘dragging and dropping’, ensuring quick and accurate creation of Purchase Orders without the need for any typing skills.

Global purchasing
Create, view and manage material requirements and Purchase Orders across all your contracts from one central place in the software.

Optimum suppliers routine
Automatically evaluate the best price over a range of products and supplier discounts, using the Optimum Suppliers routine.




Staying in control

Use the direct links between Purchase Orders and the Buying List to ensure that any amendments to Purchase Orders are automatically reflected back into the Buying List, providing an up-to-date position of current material purchases.

You can also use links to Contract Costing ensure that committed costs and full details of all orders are recorded against the relevant jobs the instant the Purchase Orders are placed.

Plus, integration with Contract Management  for Variations and Dayworks keeps the Buying List up-to-date with changes on the contract as they arise.


Delivery note and supplier invoice matching
Track costs at every stage, from committed costs at time of order, through to actual costs from suppliers’ invoices.



Managing quotations
Make the administration of suppliers’ and sub-contractors’ quotations quicker, simpler and more efficient with links to QuoteMaster.


Control Stock

Controlling stock
View stock availability before placing Purchase Orders with suppliers - and even issue materials from stock to fulfil contract material requirements – using integration with Stock Control.


Add Suppliers

Future ready
As more suppliers come on line, be ready to trade with them electronically across the Internet, saving even more time and money.

Make effective buying decisions and control your purchasing

For more information about Procurement, you can request a demo or call 0800 028 28 28.