Do You Deliver Electrical Projects in the Middle East? 


Are one of the many companies delivering electrical design projects in the ME? Did you know there is a specific version of ProDesign created to help carry out these projects?

By having this specific version of ProDesign you will be able to run your ME electrical projects from your UK based team. You will be safe in the knowledge that all the necessary regulations are being followed and that you will end up with all the information you need.

The software has a layout familiar to local engineers in the ME and provides load design details compliant with DEWA and ADDC regulations.

Being able to run these designs from your UK team is a huge advantage for any company with electrical design projects in the ME.



Features include:



Produce schematic drawings fast

Produce schematic drawings

Large symbol library, intuitive drawing
interface. Produce instant ‘what-if’



Calculate projects instantly - DEWA & ADDC schedules

Calculate projects instantly -
DEWA & ADDC schedules

Perform instant cable calculations.
Carry out discrimination studies.
Comprehensive range of reports.



Protective Device Selector

Protective Device Selector
Contains massive database of Cables,
Busbars and Protective Devices.
Data supplied by manufacturers for
complete accuracy.


Deliver Your Middle East Electrical Designs From Your UK Team