Allocates all labour costs to any cost head
Use Payroll Manager for entering timesheet data into the Payroll and as a data analysis module, allowing all labour costs to be allocated to any cost head within any contract.

Flexible processing
Process your weekly and monthly payrolls in the way that best suits your business. You can enter timesheet information first, then process your payroll or, alternatively, process your weekly/monthly payroll first, then allocate the costs to jobs from the timesheets.

Reduced errors 
Automatically build-up of time sheet data for transfer to Sage Payroll offering single entry of data, thus reducing potential for errors.

Automatic budget comparisons
Check hours worked against budget hours – by contract and cost head – to highlight areas of potential overpay in time to take remedial action.



Payment Types

Optional batch entry
Choose optional batch entry of timesheet data to reduce the need for continual selection of Job and Cost Head when allocating labour time - thus reducing the time taken to enter time sheet information.


Payment Types

Payment type and rates
Automatically select Payment Type and Rates for each engineer from Sage Payroll, ensuring all payroll and personnel changes are included within Payroll Manager for analysis to jobs


Single Data Entry

Single data entry
Use single data entry to update both Payroll and your Job/Contract Costing software, eliminating repeated entry of same data, saving time and reducing risk of errors.


Apportioning payroll costs

Apportioning payroll costs
Apportion user-selected payroll costs, such as Employers NIC etc., automatically, to ensure true and full analysis of all labour costs with the minimum of effort and without the need to separately post these costs to Enterprise Contract Costing.

Which Version

Payroll Costing is available in different versions to suit all sizes of business. See which version best suits your needs.


Extreme Payroll Costing
Perfect for medium sized contracters who need an easy to use package that will handle all your payroll needs.


Enterprise Payroll Manager
Designed for larger contracting companies and corporate users who wish to integrate a complete job management system.


Note: Extreme Payroll Costing requires a copy of Extreme Job Costing.

Process your weekly and monthly payrolls on the way that suits your business.

For more information about Payroll Costing, you can request a demo or view pricing options.