Extreme Estimating Training Course


Who should attend?

Estimators and Database System Administrators.

Aim of course

To achieve a practical level of competence using this software to enable it to be used with confidence in the workplace and be productive in the shortest time to manage the estimating database, create, model, mark-up and report on an estimate.


Upon completion of the course, the delegate should be able to:

  • Manage users and user permissions
  • Manage Clients
  • Manage Suppliers and Discounts
  • Manage Cost Types and Cost Type rates and mark-ups
  • Managing Item Labour Hours
  • Database Update Configuration
  • Applying Database Updates
  • Creating new Manufacturers
  • Creating new Major Ranges
  • Creating New Minor Ranges
  • Creating New Pricing Database Items
  • Create a new estimate
  • Assign documents to an estimate
  • Manage the structure of the estimate
  • Take-off Product Library items
  • Take-off Direct Entries
  • Take-off Items with By-Products
  • Take-off Kits
  • Take-off Preliminaries
  • Take-off PC & Provisional Sums
  • Create a Quote
  • Update quoted item prices
  • Model the Estimate
  • Fixed Price/Profit Set Item Management
  • Distributing Item Values
  • Quantity Adjustment
  • Manage the adjustment routine
  • Labour Hours Adjustment routine
  • Assign Single Supplier Item Discounts/Nett Prices
  • Assign Best Discount & Nett Price routine.
  • Verify the estimate item material prices
  • Verify the item details with the estimate
  • Generate an estimate Totals Analysis
  • Estimate Mark-up Modelling
  • Define Labour Performance
  • Mark Up the Estimate
  • Gang Rate labour rate calculator
  • Report Generation
  • Report settings
  • Exporting Reports
  • Kit Collation/Expansion with reports
Duration: 1 Day Cost: £295.00 +VAT
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