Which Version

NES is available in two different versions: Building Services and Healthcare. 


Building Services version

The Building Services version of NES contains an extensive choice of engineering clauses that can be used to create comprehensive building services specification documents. The content is constantly updated to ensure that it follows current best practice and legislation. NES is supported by both CIBSE and BSRIA.

The sections are based on the Common Arrangement of Work Sections (CAWS). CAWS is a working convention designed to promote standardisation of, and detailed co-ordination between, bills of quantities and specifications. It is part of the industry wide Construction Project Information (CPI) initiative and  is used for the arrangement of building project documents throughout the industry.

It is essential that building specifications are concise, clear and accurate. However keeping specifications up to date with current legislation and standards would involve time and cost beyond the reach of most companies. This is why NES specification expert is so valuable. All the clauses are available at your fingertips and are constantly updated giving you complete confidence your specifications meet current standards.

The building services version contains sections on Residential Projects (B20) and non-residential projects - Public Health, Mechanical and Electrical services specific sections.


Healthcare Version

The healthcare version of NES has been designed specifically to produce building services specifications that meet the specific requirements of healthcare facilities such as hospital wards, operating theatres, cold rooms and medical laboratories.

Healthcare Version

Create and manage reliable building construction specification documents

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