NES is packed full of features to help you build comprehensive and reliable building construction specifications.

Easy to use
Although extremely comprehensive, NES is very intuitive and easy to use. In addition to an extensive instruction manual the software contains easy to use wizards, typical examples and FAQ's. Guidance notes are provided for most sections and in some cases for individual clauses. You can also add your own comments to sections and clauses.


Simple user interface with industry standardised content
Content is arranged under an enhanced CAWS (Common Arrangement of Work Sections) structure which is widely used and understood throughout the building services industry. Key functions, such as administration tools, editing and guidance are grouped together using a tabbed menu.


View the full list of sections available in NES


Quality Checks

Quality Control and Checklists
NES can support the basis of quality assurance through the inclusion of audit trails and standard formatting of sections, while checklists can provide a means to ensure nothing is overlooked, facilitating higher productivity and minimising omissions.


Quality Checks

NES is endorsed by CIBSE, supported by BSRIA and is part of the BSI British Standard Affiliate Scheme.
Assisted by these valuable partnerships we have developed a faster, more intuitive and comprehensive package to ensure you are using the most efficient and up-to-date Building Services specification writing software on the market.


Comprehensive guidance notes

Networkable with Access Control
NES can be networked so that the same database can be accessed by several users from their own desktop. Access control ensures project specifications and corporate master specifications are editable only by authorised users*.

* Requires a concurrent licence

Editing and Publishing Features
Comprehensive control over fonts, styles, copy and pasting from source documents, handling of tables and images enables users to customise specifications to conform to, or create, a corporate identity. Specifications can be published to HTML, MS Word, RTF or PDF formats dependant on route of delivery and user requirements.


Comprehensive guidance notes and documents
Guidance notes are clearly displayed alongside relevant sections and clauses allowing engineers to create concise specifications. Technical Design Guides are also available to provide in-depth guidance for significant systems and processes such as ‘HV and LV Earthing and Bonding’ and ‘Combined Heat and Power’. Both forms of guidance can easily be published, if required.


Pre-Edit Questions System
For the self-contained sections, a pre-edit system has been designed to remove non-relevant clauses based on answers given to a number of simple questions. This allows the user to quickly condense the content to the project criteria.

Feature List:

  • Sections and clauses structured to an enhanced CAWS format
  • Quarterly content updates delivered via the web
  • Follows latest regulations and industry best practice
  • Written by leading Building Services Design Engineers
  • Extensive guidance notes and technical design guides available
  • Pre-edit question system available in a number of self-contained sections
  • Healthcare version available
  • Allows specifications to be published in MS Word, PDF,  HTML or RTF formats
  • Supported by industry experts
  • Prepared building services schedules in MS Excel format
  • Enables users to create corporate master specifications
  • Networkable
  • Access control for project security and accuracy
  • Current, linked BSI standard and bibliographic data integrated within specifications
  • Part of the BSI British Standard Affiliate Scheme
  • Links to LuckinsLive.com, relevant manufacturers, professional bodies and the BSI website

Create and manage reliable building construction specification documents

For more information about NES you can request a demo or call 01908 608833.