Job Costing bridges the gap between accounting functions and the operational side of the business, putting you in control throughout the project - with the ability to anticipate potential problems and take remedial action immediately.

Powerful purchase order processing
To achieve optimum buying price, Job Costing uses your own preferential discount tables - with immediate allocation of orders to jobs - giving you up to the minute projected cost figures.

Stay in control
Don’t wait for a job to finish before finding out what profit you made. Monitor performance at every stage and, where necessary, take action to prevent problems and everything back on track.

Links to payroll
Use a range of tools to record direct labour and expense costs, and manage time sheets, with integration to leading payroll packages to complete the picture. Job Costing then goes on to generate and record Sales Invoices or Application for Payment documents on contracts, as well as handling small works jobs.


Managing labour costs

Update relevant jobs with hours and costs incurred as time sheets are posted, so they can be compared against budgeted labour costs in the estimate. At the same time, this information is collated to run the payroll, with calculation of tax, national insurance, pension payments etc – as well as generating payslips and payments to operatives. Then run reports on how actual labour costs are performing against estimated values, so that problems are identified early on and remedied quickly.

Accurate Reporting

Fast, accurate reporting
Store comprehensive details for both materials and labour costs against jobs and make use of a wide range of drill down reports to provide you with the information you need - all of which can be saved into the formats of your choice, including Word, Excel, HTML and PDF.


Advanced Analysis

Advanced, customisable analysis
Group and categorise jobs by project manager, type of work or any other criteria you choose, allowing quick and easy analysis and reporting in the way that suits you best.


Document Management

Document management system
Attach documents produced in other packages, such as Word or Excel, to each job so that all of the documentation relating to that job is in one place. Then sort, find and process documents in a variety of ways – such as type of document (purchase order, invoice, letter etc), or all of the purchase orders sent to one supplier – or by other criteria that you can define within Job Costing.



Quick access to information
Use the built-in tools to analyse information in any way you want – quickly and easily. For example, you may want to see who your best customer is, on the basis of spend, or which wholesaler you are spending most with when it comes to renegotiating preferential discounts.


All the tools need to efficiently run jobs and report their performance

For more information about Job Costing, you can request a demo or view features.