Setting up the FLEXnet service

Please find below notes to assist you in setting up the client software for your end users. For detailed information please also read the booklet ’Setting up the FLEXnet service' (click the image on the right to view an online copy).

You will need a licence to use this software, the booklet below explains how to obtain yours. You will need a licence request form this can be downloaded by selecting the link in the yellow box below.

Delivering the client software to your end-users.
For the purpose of this document, client software refers to Amtech applications such as ProDesign, Protect, PowerNet, and Amtech Office.

Amtech desktop applications include both product activation and a FLEXnet licensing client.

Amtech Mobile applications do not use product activation or FLEXnet.
No special versions of the Amtech installation DVD are required.
Both licensing models cannot be used on the same PC. If FLEXnet is enabled, product activation is disabled.

Amtech does provide a DVD based client install for concurrent licensed software using FLEXnet, but also understands that many IT departments will want to package Amtech software or provide more convenient means of delivery.

Some of these methods are described below.

1. Installing Amtech software direct from the Amtech DVD or Download
This is the only supported install method. This process is similar to the single-user, product activation install. Amtech uses installshield and does not provide MSI installations.

Run the Setup.exe from the DVD or download and follow the instructions provided by the install program.

When asked for license number use the numbers on the associated document.:

DO NOT USE ANY OTHER LICENSE NUMBER. These are special codes that are used solely to enable the FLEXnet installation.
When asked for the FLEXnet Server Details, enter the server name or IP and port details you provided on the Amtech License Request Form. This should be entered in one of the following forms:

If you intend to use active directory, you may leave this blank.
When asked to select the products to install, you are advised to install all. In this way, additional products can be used without reinstalling if additional licenses are purchased.

2. Copying the DVD contents to a network share.
The complete contents of DVD / Download should be copied to a network folder and shared read-only. Even if you already have items such as Acrobat Reader on your client PCs you should not remove them from the shared folder. Setup.exe can be run on the client PC via your network share. Follow the directions for Installing Amtech software direct from the DVD / Download.

3. Packaging/SMS etc
Amtech does not provide SMS scripts or pre-packaged product, however, it will provide limited assistance should you decide to use this method. A brief overview of settings, Amtech Software and Active Directory is available on request.

4. Active Directory
Amtech does not currently provide an active directory template for installation parameters; however, Amtech products are active directory aware. A brief overview of settings, Amtech Software and Active Directory is available on request.



Licence File for Concurrent Software

If you have received your  Amtech Concurrent software, please request your Licence File by calling us on 0800 028 28 28