Concurrent Licensing

Unlock the power of your software with flexible licensing

Concurrent Licensing  gives you complete control over how you use your software with multiple engineers. This allows you to install your AMTECH software on any number of networked PC’s in your company but you only pay for the licences you actually use, saving you money. This is great news for every company with engineers who all need to use AMTECH software but not all at the same time. Every Engineer can have a copy of the software on their PC but you only pay for the number of people using it at any given time.

This powerful option for your Amtech software means you only pay for the software you use without sacrificing your flexibility.

For example - if you have an office with ten Engineers who all need to have access to AMTECH software, but only five will ever be using the software at one time, with flexible licensing you only purchase five Concurrent Licences. The software can then be installed on all ten (or more) networked machines and the Flexible Licence Manager is installed on the server. As each Engineer starts to use the Amtech software, the server will allow access until the maximum of five users are using it at the same time. If in the future, you find those five users are not enough simply add flexible licences as and when you need them. 

Just five key steps to your Flexible Licence

  • Check that your PC’s are networked?
  • Call Amtech on FREEPHONE 0800 028 28 28 and speak to an advisor to discuss your requirements.
  • Load the Flexible Licence Manager on to the server.
  • Install the software on to any number of machines.
  • Now you are up and running any user can now have access to the software.

Call 0800 028 28 28 now for more information about how Flexible Licences can benefit your company.