If you need to produce electrical Test & Inspection certificates for commercial or domestic installations quickly and easily, FastTest is the software package for you.

Quick and easy to use
​When entering information, handy menus drop down allowing you to quickly select cable types, reference methods, conductors, CPC values etc. Contains a list of commonly used protective devices.

You can also add items to the Circuit Designation menu, this saves time when testing multiple items with the same name. You add it to the list then select it every time you need it in the future.




Wizards keep things easy

Wizards keep things easy
Although FastTest is packed with powerful features, you don't want to spend hours with a manual to figure out how to use them. That's why we have included a range of easy  Wizards to keep things easy. 

  • Report Wizard - Automatically produce a range of reports fast.
  • CPC Wizard - using armouring, trunking, MICC or conduit as a CPC is easy with this wizard. No need to  consult tables or perform calculations.
  • Sub-Main Wizard - Define sub mains easily


Auto populate Max Zs

Auto populate Max Zs
Select the protective device (listed in BS7671), select the device rating and FastTest automatically enters the Max Zs value from BS7671.  When the measured Zs value is entered on the Test Results page, it compares this to the auto-populated Max Zs value. 

Add certificate details - spend less time typing 
You just enter in details once and that's it! All customer and installation details, certificates and data is stored in the software for instant retrieval. Great for new certificates, retest work or when you need to find a certificate ...instantly!

Choose your certificate
FastTest contains a comprehensive range of electrical certificates, reports and site inspection sheets including circuit chart. 

See the certificates in FastTest


Customise your certificates
Add your company logo or governing body logo to certificates, change the certificate colour to suit your company style.

Certificates can be printed onto plain paper in colour, there is no need to buy pre-printed certificates or certificate numbers. 

Automatic reminders - never miss out on valuable re-test work

The Test Centre shows you at a glance all certificates that are coming up for re-test. Periodic testing is a valuable source of income for many contractors, you know the customer and you know the installation. The test centre automatically reminds you when each certificate is due for re-test saving you the time and effort of tracking them manually.


Reminder Letters

Reminder Letters
This powerful system will also print out a series of reminder letters to send to your client to let them know their systems are due for testing. The certificate information, your client details, your details and logo are automatically added to the letter. All you need to do is print the letter and pop it in the post.


Instrument Calibrations

Instrument Calibrations
The test centre keeps track of the calibration schedules for your test instruments and lists the calibration certificates which have either expired are due to expire within a selected period.


Oberservations & Recommendations

Oberservations & Recommendations
All the Observations & Recommendation are listed in the Test Center per Client, Installation and Certificate. Instantly find the certificate you want and then view or print the associated Observations and Recommendations. The test centre will even produce a letter from you to your client with the associated Observations & Recommendations.

Features List

  • Print validated certificates onto plain paper
  • Full range of electrical certificates
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Print detailed circuit chart
  • Store certificates for instant retrieval
  • Comprehensive database of protective devices
  • Add your logo or governing body to certificate
  • Android & iPad mobile Applications
  • Save certificate and circuit details as templates
  • Track inspections & calibrations that are due
  • Wide range of report options
  • Certificate verification and validation
  • Includes single cable calculations
  • Links direct to electrical design software
  • Auto calculate Zs values
  • Email certificates to clients as PDF’s
  • Central SQL Database for multi-users
  • Set calibration reminders

Produce electrical Inspection & Testing certificates quickly and easily.

For more information about FastTest, you can request more information or view pricing options.