Estimating XG is packed full of time saving features that will enable your business to work with flexibility and confidence.

Estimating XG’s clean, friendly user interface is designed around fast and efficient working

  • Create estimates quickly with simple or wizard driven estimate creation
  • Work in multiple estimates and enquiries at once, and move easily between an estimate and database administration
  • Copy enquiries and estimates and use templates and libraries to build structured estimates rapidly
  • Use Split screen/dual monitor capability with always-open product search to drag and drop items directly into the takeoff grid – a first for estimating software


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Maintain databases easily
Manage large quantities of product data quickly and efficiently:

  • Create fully categorised and detailed direct entries (quoted/specials)
  • Use filters, views and batch update to find and update products rapidly
  • Maintain your kits using the full kit and assembly maintenance facility
  • Manage your deleted items
  • Maintain full discount and supplier net prices, working with different quoted OUMs
  • Store up to 3 different installation times per product to cater for different types of work
  • Import prices from spreadsheets using the Electronic Price importer


Increase Profits
Take control of job profitability with ease:

  • Use pre-defined cost head markup, simple grid cost type markup or full tender adjudication markup styles as you need
  • Apply adjustments by level, at new item takeoff or globally and cater easily cater for area or service differences
  • Up to 5 years of labour rates for those longer projects
  • Pre-set labour rates by cost head, simple gang rate application or use the full gang rate calculation
  • Design your own markup styles to ensure you adjudicate jobs to achieve your best price
  • Manage your business using the inbuilt dashboard


Add takeoff items quickly
Estimating XG has been designed with the estimator in mind:

  • The all-new product search routine places all your item types in one place and provides fast and efficient access, including products, kits and direct enquiries
  • Our unique tree structure speed menu puts your frequently used products immediately to hand
  • Multipliers make takeoff for repeat areas/buildings easy and enhanced grid filtering enables rapid review of takeoff information
  • Limit available product using the unique Active Product Selector, ensuring your preferred manufacturers are used


Work with the largest MEP database in the UK
Estimating XG is the only software with automatic connection to Luckins. Luckins contains data for over one million MEP products, including installation times, technical specifications and product images. Update your prices weekly using LiveUpdate and ensure you always have the latest price. Choose to update your in-progress estimates to today’s prices.

Demonstration Videos

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Creating an Estimate


Direct Entry


Product Search

Feature List

  • Dashboard
  • Enquiry Management
  • Centralised Product and Kit Search
  • Speed Menu - for Fast Product Access*
  • Five Job Structure Levels
  • Direct Entry for Specials & Quoted Items
  • Easy Estimate Adjustments - Detailed to Global Levels
  • Cost Type Markup or Full Tender Adjudication
  • Product Batch Update
  • Active Product Selector
  • Create & Maintain Kits
  • Split Screen / Dual Monitor Working
  • Grid View, Filter and Search
  • Multipliers for Repeated Work Elements
  • Multi-User in Estimates*
  • Customisable Markup Styles**
  • Customisable Reports*
  • Report Designer*
  • Discount and Supplier Nett Price Maintenance
  • Store up to Three Installation Times per Product
  • Discontinued Item Maintenance Tool
  • Work with Luckins - Largest MEP Database in UK


*Estimating XG Pro Only  **Estimating XG Plus and Pro Only

Win jobs with faster, more efficient Estimating.

For more information about Estimating XG, you can request a demo or view pricing options.