Enterprise Estimating

For medium to large companies and for corporate users. This versatile software offers full integration with Procurement and Contract Management for all aspects of your job control and accounting needs.

Enterprise Estimating is a versatile estimating package for all Building Services Contractors. Designed for both mechanical and electrical contractors, Enterprise Estimating offers significant improvements in the speed and accuracy of your estimates whilst giving you full visibility and control.

  • A complete multi-discipline solution
  • Incorporating both take off and BOQ estimating methods
  • Complete control over tendering
  • Integrated Luckins data
  • Customisable speed menu for fast takeoff
  • Discontinued item management features
  • Customisable tender adjudication to suit your business
  • Cost Modeller material substitution option available
  • Discontinued item management features
  • Seamless integration for greater time savings


Please Note: A data subscription is required with this product. 


Working the way you want

Work the way that suits you best by tailoring Estimating to meet your specific requirements, from how you view information on the take-off screen through to marking up the bid price and present your reports.


Share Information

Sharing information
Open your company to the benefits of a totally integrated business solution with our exclusive Enterprise technology - boosting performance in every area.


Enquiry Management

Enquiry management tools
Fine tune your estimates with advanced tools for managing supplier quotations and making ‘what if’ comparisons for material substitution. At the same time, liberate the information from the estimate and use if for running the job with the powerful electronic filing system.



Data that works with you
Team up your Estimating system with pricing data from Luckins the UK's leading specialist in product and pricing data services and related software applications for the Electrical, HVAC and Tools sectors where the Luckins name is synonymous with accurate, up-to-date information.


Boosted productivity with huge time savings
Get your estimators up and running fast, with minimum training – produce estimates in a fraction of the usual time – and with greater accuracy. So you get a fast return on investment.


Choice of input methods
Take advantage of a range of input methods, including the unique Estimation Powerpad, which provides quick and simple identification of estimate items while eliminating codes, catalogue numbers and complex searches. Other options include Accuprobe Plus and a range of Estimation Digitizers.


Fast results
Use our combination of electronic measurement and no-coded entry to arrive at the Prime Cost by the time you’ve finished take-off – ready to apply your mark-ups and commercial adjustments. And be sure that when it comes to producing the Schedule of Rates or Bill of Quantities it will balance with the tender price every time, even after adjusting the selling rates of each item.

Feature List

  • A complete multi-discipline tool
  • Create professional estimates
  • Luckins fit times and trade prices
  • Manage % discount and nett prices
  • Speed menu product access
  • Create kits or assemblies
  • Large range of reports
  • Report designer
  • Supplier/sub-contractor quote management
  • Management dashboard
  • Import quotes from suppliers
  • Estimates both take–off and Bill of Quantities
  • Non-productive hours manager
  • Business report writer
  • Mark up across cost heads
  • Prelim value distribution
  • Network-able options
  • Service Management module available
  • Links to Microsoft Office and MS Project
  • Links to Contract Management and Accounts
  • Integration with Quick Scale: 2D take-off
  • Integration with Procurement and Costing

The market leading estimating software for building services.

For more information about Estimating, you can request a demo or view pricing options.