The large screen and visual data capture give users real-time registration while scanning to streamline the learning curve for new users of all abilities. Share the 3D point cloud data with key stakeholders on the project, so everyone can access the precise detail deliverables needed for accurate work. 

At an attractive price point, the DPI-8 opens up the world of 3D image capture to almost every stakeholder on the construction site.

  • Screen Size: 8 inch
  • Device Size: 23 x 27 x 8 cm
  • Weight: <1kg
  • Sensor Range: From 2ft to 15 ft 
  • Imager Type: Compact, near infrared structured light and rgb 3D imaging system
  • User Interface: Android 4.4/Android 4.2 operating system
  • Export Formats: PTS, PTX, PLY, PTG, Cyclone
  • Connects via USB, Wi-Fi or 3G



Which scanner is best for you?

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One Hand Operation
Whether it’s capturing difficult to reach areas on the jobsite or just keeping one hand free for stability and safety, the DPI-8 has a form factor made for contractors. The user can focus on acquiring data and using their free hand to provide a safe working environment.

Document "As-Is" Conditions
Using the DPI-8 during QA/QC checks, MEP contractors can quickly document conflicts with the existing field conditions, share scan data with the project team and compare the scanned conditions with the design model to resolve conflicts that would otherwise cause downstream schedule delays.

Real Time Data Quality Feedback
MEP Contractors can utilize the DPI-8 to instantly capture real world conditions in confined spaces, such as the plenum space or behind mechanical equipment, and review the registered data in real-time using the handheld scanner and integrated Phi.3D software

Append Data Feature
Scan, Stop, Append, Scan. The system automatically registers scans in the field to let users review data they have captured, move between tasks for the best angles and then continue to add data to the scan for comprehensive datasets.

Handheld 3D scanner for MEP contractors who need to capture detailed data on the worksite

For more information about DPI-8 Handheld Scanner, you can request a demo or call 0800 028 28 28.