Material substitutions
Evaluate the effects of changing materials, such as replacing steel conduit with plastic, or copper tube with steel, in seconds.

Supplier choice
Compare the effects on the final price of changing suppliers for selected items, in a fraction of the time it would take to do this manually.

Make life easier
Use CostModeller’s simple step-by-step wizard to carry out any of these comparisons quickly and simply.

Pre-defined substitution tables
Create your own material substitution tables and store them centrally for use at a later date by anyone who needs them.

Two-way substitution
Save time on creating substitution tables using the two-way substitution feature.



Fine Control

Fine control
Make adjustments to suit your requirements by evaluating comparisons across the whole estimate or just within selected sections.



Integration with Estimating
Automatically feed your ‘what if?’ decisions back into a re-modelled estimate that can be used immediately without needing to re-enter the information.



Meaningful information
View the detailed results of substitutions, including how many items and comparative costs, to make meaningful decisions and keep the client briefed on the options available.


Make quick and simple 'what if' comparisons for material and supplier substitutions

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