ProDesign Conversion Manager

Thank you for purchasing ProDesign Conversion Manager.

How to install the ProDesign Conversion Manager
The Conversion Manager utility is available for download from this web page. However, in order for it to work you will need to be running one of the following Amtech products:

  • ProDesign100 i
  • ProDesign200 i
  • Designer Suite i
  • Designer Suite Pro i
  • Amtech Office Pro i

If you have purchased the Conversion Manager you will have been provided with a licence number for one of the above products.

Installation for Concurrent licence users

  1. Your administrator will need to request a new Licence File from our activation team on 0871 220 8880 or  No re-installation is required
  2. Then download and apply the Conversion Manager utility from this page

Installation for Non-Concurrent licence users (activated software)

  1. You will need to re-install your Amtech software using your new licence number.
  2. You will need to re-activate your copy of ProDesign by contacting our Activation team on 0871 220 8880 or