Extreme Contractor Accounts

A versatile package, specially designed to meet the needs of building services contractors – offering greater power and flexibility than any general accounts package.

It includes tools for taking control of every aspect of the accounting procedures in a small to medium sized contracting company, right through to trial balance, profit and loss and balance sheet reporting.

  • Integrated sales, purchase, nominal and VAT ledgers
  • Cash management feature for cash book and cash flow forecasting, addressing unique construction industry requirements
  • Printed and manual cheque production as well as BACS payment facilities
  • Powerful tools for managing sales and purchase retention
  • Automatic VAT Return Calculations in approved format for electronic submission
  • Simple and detailed aged debtor and creditor reports
  • Integrated contact and call logging facility for all sales and purchase accounts
  • Links to CIS


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Manage sub-contractors

Managing sub-contractors 
Take advantage of comprehensive sub-contractor management features, certificate monitoring and drill down reporting. Also included are settlement discount routines catering for a variety of settlement terms, as well as the ability to handle Applications for Payment and Retentions within both sales and purchase ledgers.


Post to nominal ledger

Automatic posting to Nominal Ledger
Automatically post all transactions to the Nominal Ledger as they are entered into the Sales and Purchase Ledgers, while Purchase Invoices, Sales Invoices and Certifications of Payment from Extreme Job Costing pass through to the Contractors’ Accounts package. Keep the nominal ledger up to date, including items such as rent, council tax etc.


Cash flow forecasting

Complete cash flow forecasting
Know where you stand with a complete cash flow forecasting facility, including accounting practices that are unique to the construction industry, such as applications for payment, certificates and retention release dates. Establish tight control with aged debtor reports and statements to prompt payment, along with status-coding of each purchase invoice. Pay invoices individually or through payments list.

Full cash book package
Reconcile multiple bank accounts and produce cash management reports quickly and easily using a single ledger for entering all sales and purchase payments and receipts, including nominal transactions.

Comprehensive drill down reports
Get a clear view of all standard accounts reports, including aged debtor and creditor listings, transaction detail reports and traditional Daybook listing routines. A wide range of VAT reports and analysis options are also available, with ‘drill down’ reporting for each account, through summary to document and history level. And from Nominal ledger you can produce your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports for your company, ready for management, auditors and accountants.

Keeping the cash flowing
Sort and view information in a variety of ways so you keep a tight rein on cash flow. Aged debtor reports and statements to prompt payment, along with status-coding of each Purchase Invoice, help you control both incoming and outgoing payments. The Contact log feature gives you central recording of every conversation, email and fax sent during the credit control process.

Multiple companies and departmental accounting
Use powerful tools to track the performance of individual departments, or even different companies, while bringing all the information together to provide an overview.

Update nominal ledger

The full picture
Keep your Nominal ledger fully up to date, including items not usually entered into the Sales or Purchase ledger, such as rent, council tax etc. Similarly, direct posting routines allow quick and easy posting to Sales and Purchase ledgers of invoices, credit notes and cash receipts that are not contract-related.


Balance the books

Balancing the books
Produce a Profit & Loss account and balance sheet as accounts transactions are updated, with the ability to generate user-definable charts of accounts to collate financial information in a variety of ways. The VAT ledger is also designed to make submitting returns easier, automatically preparing the return and printing all supporting documentation.


Share information

Share information and save time
Share information with packages such as Extreme Job Costing and Extreme Stock Control without re-typing, saving huge amounts of time. Take complete control of stock in stores or vans by integrating with Extreme Stock Control. It handles every aspect of stock control, from valuations down to re-ordering stock items based on the minimum levels you set. Easy to use routines for issues and returns make stock management simple to handle, with electronic updates to eliminate the need to regularly maintain prices with time consuming manual prices.


Control Access

Controlling access
Control access to data by setting password levels and appropriate access rights to each user.

A powerful and flexible accounts solution for contractors.

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