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Technical Challenge

ROL began work on the Periodical Electrical Inspection and Testing (PEIT) contract for Northern Ireland Water in August 2011, with works due to be completed by August 2014. NI Water is comprised of 20 Major Treatment Works, 1,100 Waste Water Treatment Works and 1,265 Sewerage Pumping Stations. NI Water is responsible for the supply and distribution of drinking water and the provision of sewage services to up to 780,000 domestic, agricultural and business customers.

As the main contractor, ROL’s job was to provide electrical inspection and testing services to each of these sites, ensuring electrical systems at every location operate to the BS7671 standard required by law. As fully functioning electrical systems can mean the difference between success and disaster – with electrical faults posing a threat of fire, injury or even death – ROL needed to ensure a quality-driven approach to this project, providing NI Water with a professional and reliable service.

Key to the success of the contract was to reach the client’s performance targets in areas such as management, reporting, communication and notification. On a contract of this scale, having the right suite of electrical design and data management software becomes vital in supporting the team in meeting that challenge. And, if done correctly, it also results in increased productivity and enhances ROL’s working relationship with NI Water for the future.


Why Amtech

For a performance-based contract requiring the designing of circuit layouts and publishing test results, the Amtech package provided the full range of tools ROL needed to run the project and succeed.


ROL Testing


Meeting the Challenges

The Amtech package enabled ROL to achieve a dynamic approach to the contract’s management and consistently deliver high quality reports to the client.

For example, within the software they have been able to design the layout and placement of components using ProDesign 4 and check the layout of single circuit designs with SingleCable.

Amtech’s FastTest software was equally important for this contract, as it was used to collate results of electrical tests and generate certificates to be printed and laminated on site. The results were also converted into PDFs and a seamless flow of test result information could be sent from the engineer on site, to the Contract Manager and the client. This not only increased productivity but also improved the traceability of reports as they were passed from one party to another. As a consequence, ROL received consistent compliments from NI Water about the strong communication and notification procedures which further enhanced their strong working relationship with the client.

The aim of the project was to achieve total compliance to the current BS7671 edition of electrical regulations as required by law. As well as that, ROL wanted to compare test results of circuit inspections against those of previous contractors. This gave NI Water reassurance that their electrical systems were not only running in compliance with the law, but to a highly professional and ultimately reliable standard.

ROL also had a goal to meet the client’s performance targets in areas such as management, reporting, communication and notification; and with the use of Amtech’s FastTest software, they were able to achieve each to an exceptional standard.

 FastTest makes it easy for our Site Engineers to collate results and generate certificates as soon as the job has been completed; reducing the volume of paperwork and increasing our productivity.


Richard O’Lone, Company Director

ROL Testing Case Study


Company Overview

ROL Testing Ltd is one of Northern Ireland’s largest providers of electrical services, specialising in electrical testing, compliance, maintenance, UPS and lighting.

The company operates across the commercial and industrial sector throughout the UK and Ireland, where they have quickly gained a reputation for being the choice of the professional.

With years of experience and technical knowledge, ROL deliver a high-quality, customer-focused service, which has resulted in the business growth of their strategic partnerships and ROL being recognised as a distinct mark of quality.





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