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Technical Challenge

As Oakrange has grown and employed more engineers in the field, the volume of Inspection & Testing data has increased considerably. Until recently the procedure was that each engineer would enter Inspection & Testing data into Amtech’s FastTest on their laptop and would then download the information to Oakrange’s central servers at a later date. The data from each engineer was being stored and backed up individually so an increasing amount of time was being devoted to the management of data.

The higher volumes of data from different sources also increased the risk of data being lost so that more streamlined back-up procedures were required.

In parallel, the company has been getting involved in more design work and had been producing designs using a combination of spreadsheets and CAD, so there was room for improvement in this area as well.


Why Amtech

Oakrange has been using FastTest since 2004 so Amtech was the first port of call when looking at ways of addressing the challenges described above. Amtech’s Technical Support staff were able to assess Oakrange’s requirements to provide a solution that comprises an upgrade to Amtech’s FastTest Plus combined with the implementation of Amtech’s Office Plus.


Oakrange Case Study


Meeting the Challenges

FastTest Plus provides a more streamlined approach to the management of test data and certificates as all of the information is held in a central database that is accessible by all engineers. Consequently, entry of data is more efficient and there is only one file to manage and back up. A further benefit of the central database is that it ensures all key information is fully visible to managers at any time.

As an added value service to its customers, Oakrange provides an online portal where customers can log-in to access their own data. The information stored on the portal includes the certificates, in PDF format, that have been created in FastTest.

Having taken on Office Plus, Oakrange now has use of Amtech’s ProDesign and Amtech’s Protect for electrical design work. One such project is the upgrading of electrical systems at a truck dealership in Walsall Cross where a key element of the design is to reduce power consumption. Using ProDesign, Oakrange engineers are able to very quickly measure and reduce power outputs in the design. Designs can also be exported to Protect for carrying out co-ordination studies and protective device selection without the need for specialist skills.

Compared to the previous mixture of spreadsheets and CAD, ProDesign ensures that all designs are in one format so that information presented to the customer looks more professional – as well as being easier to manage internally.

Oakrange has also found Amtech’s training courses very useful. “Once you are used to the basic functions of the software it’s very useful to take further training to get to grips with extra features and make full use of the software’s functionality,” Luke Priestley commented.

 FastTest Plus has enabled us to consolidate all of the data from our engineers and store it in a single database, making the whole process more efficient and ensuring that all the data is safely backed up.


Luke Priestley, Oakrange

Oakrange Case Study


Company Overview

Oakrange Engineering Ltd specialises in the provision of electrical services and onsite calibration tailored to meet the needs of motor industry dealers, with customers ranging from independent garages to multi-franchise groups.

These services include Inspection & Testing and certification of fixed wire circuits, PAT testing, remedial electrical work, instrument calibration, fire alarm certification and emergency lighting testing. Increasingly, the company is also being asked by customers to help them reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint.

A measure of the company’s success is the volume of repeat business from loyal customers – a direct result of a combination of high quality work and high level service.




Electrical Design, Installation, Inspection & Testing

Software Utilised

FastTest Plus,
Amtech Office Plus