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Business Challenge

The Islington contract requires Lovell to generate many electrical certificates each year. Until 2011 Lovell Repairs & Maintenance technicians recorded their Inspection & Testing results on hand-written documents which were then typed up in the office. As well as being highly labour-intensive this generated significant volumes of paper documents for management and storage on top of risk of error/damage and loss.

Consequently, the company decided to explore alternative methods for managing the Inspection & Testing process and managing the high volumes of certificates.



The Solution

Having considered a number of options Lovell identified Amtech’s FastTest as providing the best level of functionality and selected the FastTest Pro solution to facilitate the management of its large field-based workforce.

Now each technician is equipped with a copy of FastTest installed on a laptop. As the Inspection & Testing is carried out, the results are entered directly into FastTest on the laptop and the technician moves on to the next job. At the end of the day each technician exports their results to the central FastTest database, where they are checked by a supervisor without the need to go back to the office.

Certificates are then produced in PDF format for sending to the client and for invoicing purposes. As a further refinement, Lovell’s IT team is working with Islington Council to integrate their databases. This will enable each PDF certificate to be uploaded directly to the area of the Council’s database relating to that property, where other key property management information is stored.

As a result of introducing FastTest, Lovell is not only saving time for technicians and office staff, it has also virtually eliminated paper from the certification process. This saves on stationery expenditure, while also reducing the environmental impact associated with paper usage and post, in support of the company’s sustainability strategy. A further benefit is that space previously used for archive storage can now be used more effectively for other purposes.

Lovell Repairs & Maintenance Project Manager Richard Stephenson commented: “The system works very well and Amtech technical support have always been available to help resolve the few issues we have encountered during initial setup.”

 We have seen many benefits from introducing FastTest, not least of which is the added value we are able to offer to our customers through an enhanced service. FastTest has also helped to make everyday processes considerably more efficient, thus reducing our overheads and increasing our profitability.


Bryan Moore, Senior Planner

Lovell Case Study


Company Overview

Lovell Repairs & Maintenance is a dedicated division of Lovell, providing planned maintenance, cyclical repairs and reactive maintenance. They manage 200,000 domestic properties nationwide, of which 48,000 require electrical servicing, repairs, maintenance works and potentially re-wiring. These services are carried out by the company’s directly employed technicians, supplemented by sub-contractors where necessary.

One of the company’s key contracts in their South Region involves maintenance of all council housing in the London Borough of Islington. This contract includes electrical Inspection & Testing and remedial repairs for around 26,000 dwellings as well as communal areas in multi-residential buildings.




Social Housing

Software Utilised

FastTest Pro


Islington, London