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Business Challenge

As a small distributor working within a clearly defined geographical region, LH Evans places great importance on the relationships it builds with customers by providing them with a high quality service. Consequently the company seeks to add value to its core business of selling products.

Very often this includes sourcing additional information about a particular product, either on the telephone or at the trade counter. Using traditional methods, tracking down detailed information could be time consuming and frustrating for the customer, so there were clear benefits to identifying a more efficient alternative.


Why Amtech Luckins

LH Evans has been using the Luckins pricing service since 1969, initially using the printed books, transferring to the electronic version some 20 years ago and more recently installing the data in conjunction with the TraSer electronic price book.

The company was therefore very happy with the quality of the data and the updating service, so it was logical to work with Luckins in achieving the next transition of the system to provide staff and customers with enhanced information.


LH Evans


Technical Challenge

In meeting the business challenge, LH Evans has deployed the latest information management technologies. The key technical challenges were to ensure sales staff have access to up to date pricing information and can also quickly access additional product information if required by customers. The facility for verifying pricing information was also deemed important.


SAP integration

The first stage in addressing these technical challenges was to integrate the pricing data from the TraSer system with the company’s own SAP system, so that staff could view up to date information through the SAP system. This was greatly facilitated by the fact that LH Evans’ internal material numbers are based on the Luckins TSI codes.

The integration between TraSer and the SAP system provides staff with quick access to key pricing information for customers and also enables them to check prices if they believe there has been a change since the TraSer database was last updated.

In terms of accessing key product data, the information portal was identified as offering the most accessible and comprehensive collection of relevant information. LH Evans’ IT specialist Nigel Brown therefore created an additional button within the SAP system to provide links to

Thanks to this integration, when sales staff in the office or at the trade counter are viewing a product in the SAP system they simply click on the button to be taken to the relevant product page on Here they will find information ranging from product images through to downloadable catalogue pages and technical specifications, as well as lists of ancillary items. This information can then be displayed on screen to customers at the trade counter or downloaded and emailed to customers who have called for further information.

As a result of the enhancements to its systems and the integration with Luckins Traser and, LH Evans has been able to improve the productivity of its staff while also adding value to the service it delivers to customers.

 The integration between Luckins, and our own back office systems works very smoothly and helps sales staff in their work, as well as adding value to the service we deliver to customers.


Nigel Brown, IT Manager, LH Evans

LH Evans Case Study


Company Overview

LH Evans is an independent electrical distributor/wholesaler supplying both local and national customers from sites located throughout South Wales and into Bristol. The company has a vast product range and is supplied by many of the world’s largest manufacturers. In support of its extensive stock holding, LH Evans operates large warehousing facilities at each of its sites, supplemented with a fleet of delivery vans to ensure fast delivery. Customers beyond South Wales and Bristol can also be supplied, using national courier services.



Electrical Wholesale/Distribution

Software Utilised

Luckins TraSer,


South Wales and Bristol