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Technical Challenge

Lantei employs six full time engineers working on compliance testing and certification, supported by a number of part-time engineers and an additional five staff involved solely in PAT testing.

At any one time there may be several engineers working on a large project so it is important that the information being submitted by each can be managed quickly and efficiently, and retrieved when required.

In parallel, the presentation quality of the documentation is also important as it influences customer perception.


Why Amtech

Having evaluated a number of software packages on the market it was clear that Amtech’s FastTest offered the highest level of functionality, was easy to use and provided the required presentation quality. “The final print quality of the certificates is so much better than any of the others,” Anthony Smith, Managing Director, noted.

Lantei also subscribes to Amtech’s PremierCareXtra technical support service so that any technical issues are resolved in the minimum time.


Meeting the Challenges

Every engineer involved in Inspection & Testing work has a copy of FastTest on their laptop so that they can enter information and data directly into the software on site. This information is then emailed to the offce where it is restored, checked and verified and assigned a serial number. A PDF version of the certificate is then created, with a copy being sent to the customer.

A key feature of FastTest that helps to make this procedure more efficient is the ability to standardise the log-ins for each licence, rather than having a different login for each engineer. This helps to maintain the uniformity and greatly facilitates the management of the information during the project and when searching for information at a later date.

 With FastTest we can bring all of the information together from several engineers very quickly and efficiently. With other Inspection & Testing software that lacks this functionality, this would take far too long for large projects.


Anthony Smith, Managing Director

Anthony Smith

Lantei Case Study


Company Overview

Lantei specialises in delivering a wide range of electrical compliance services such as Electrical Installation Condition Reports, emergency lighting and fire alarm testing. The company also offers thermal surveys and power quality analysis.

Lantei was formed in 2010 and operates mainly in the North East and North West of England, although it does have the capability to deal with projects anywhere in the country. Most of the company’s work is directly with end users, with a high percentage of repeat business.

Lantei prides itself on providing a professional service with a personal touch that ensures each customer receives the same high level of service, irrespective of their size.




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