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The Kirby Group have been using Amtech ProDesign for electrical design work and have now introduced Amtech Estimating software, using Luckins pricing data for a more structured approach to their tendering process. When used in conjunction with the Luckins database it has enabled accurate projection of times for each area of the work so that estimates are more accurate, which enables the company to be more competitive. The introduction of Amtech Estimating has led to a significant increase in the number of tenders that have been won and a reduction in the time taken to complete them.

“The hours report is very accurate, breaking times down by item in fine increments,” noted Electrical Engineer Andy Coates. “Not only is this very useful in producing accurate tenders and for tender adjudication, it also supports the management of work carried-out by subcontractors so that all parties know exactly what is expected.


Amtech Benefits

Since implementing Amtech Estimating The Kirby Group have found that it delivers benefits not just in the production of accurate estimates but also in project planning.

“The project management benefits of Estimating are often overlooked. The accuracy of the labour times means that a very accurate project management schedule can be developed for delivering the project. In using these times in tandem with hourly rates it is also possible to spread the risk across the estimate, which is a very useful tool within Amtech Estimating,” Andy Coates continued.

The next phase of The Kirby Group’s software expansion will be the introduction of Amtech Job Costing to provide enhanced control of the financial performance of each project. The integration between Estimating and Job Costing will also help to reduce duplication and 
improve productivity.

 The amount of data that Amtech Estimating produces makes it easy to put an accurate project plan together, supporting the timely delivery of projects and, therefore, improved customer service.


Andy Coates, Electrical Engineer, Kirby Group

Kirby Group Case Study


Company Overview

The Kirby Group are an international multi-disciplinary engineering services contractor with offices throughout the UK. The company provide six core services: Electrical, Mechanical, Controls & Instrumentation, Power, Data Technologies and Design & Engineering.




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