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Business Challenge

K&T Bray faces many of the day to day challenges common to the majority of small electrical contracting companies operating predominantly in the domestic sector. These include pressures on time in terms of both carrying out the work and managing the administrative side of the business. Software is crucial to K&T Bray’s business so it’s important that it is reliable and suits the way their engineers work.


Why Amtech

Over the years K&T Bray has consistently introduced measures to streamline office procedures, often making use of technology to achieve this. Consequently, when Keith Bray was looking for a way to reduce the paperwork associated with electrical certification he turned to FastTest, the market leading Inspection & Testing software, because of its functionality, ease of use and the knowledge that it’s supported by Amtech’s expert Technical Support team.


Meeting the Challenges

K&T Bray has been using Amtech’s FastTest electrical certification software since 2001 and has regularly updated to the latest versions to take advantage of new technologies and to facilitate compliance with changing legislation.

Thanks to FastTest, records of customers and certification are now all computerised for easy access. The company also finds the test centre feature useful for ensuring that testing equipment is calibrated on schedule. 

Another major benefit is the ability to print onto plain paper, as well as pre-printed certificates, as this saves money and reduces stationery stock while maintaining a professional appearance for documents. In recent years the option to print to PDF has also been useful as more clients have begun asking for electronic certificates; printing to PDF makes them easier to e-mail.

The FastTest package also includes SingleCable which facilitates quick cable calculations and enables the results to be printed out quickly. K&T Bray finds this useful when required to document the design for the customer.

In parallel with the features of the software Keith Bray has also been impressed by Amtech’s Technical Support, which forms part of his PremierCareXtra support package. In particular, the ability of the support team to resolve any problems very quickly ensures that the computer systems can be relied on to support the business on a daily basis.

 FastTest Software is very easy to use and has many features that help to save time and money; these are very important factors for a small company like ours.


Keith Bray, Managing Director

K&T Bray Case Study


Company Overview

Formed in 1977, K&T Bray is a small electrical contracting company based in West London and Surrey that specialises in the installation and maintenance of electric heating such as night storage heating, panel heaters and towel rails. K&T Bray has been accredited by the GDC Group for many years, working on appliances from household names such as Dimplex, Creda and Unidare.

The company also undertakes smoke and re alarm installations and general electrical contracting whilst working closely with a small local independent housing trust. It is approved by Surrey Trading Standards and owner Keith Bray is now working closely with his county council to establish a Vulnerable Persons Tradesperson Register.




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