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Technical Challenge

J S Wright has been using Amtech’s Estimating for producing estimates and other software packages for contract costing and accounting. Consequently, these systems could not share information without duplicating data entry which was not making the most effective use of employees time.

The company was therefore looking for a more ‘joined up’ solution that would enable information to flow through the business more efficiently and also deliver a higher level of functionality.

Furthermore, there was no procurement software system in place so orders were being placed manually which was proving time-consuming and difficult to track and manage.


Why Amtech

The company had been using Amtech’s Estimating software since 2009 and been very pleased with its quality. Recognising the benefits of using a modular, integrated system the company therefore looked at other Amtech modules that would help them to streamline core tasks. Amtech’s ability to provide market leading modules for Procurement, Job Costing and Accounting proved to be the ideal solution.

J S Wright is now working closely with Amtech, providing feedback that will guide the development of future generations of the software.


JS Wright


Meeting the Challenges

Using Amtech’s modules in this way facilitates exchange of information between different areas of the business. It also makes it much easier to perform routine tasks such as raising a purchase order or picking an item from an existing list.

For example, information from the estimate can be used to create buying lists in the procurement module with no extra typing whilst also enabling global purchasing across all contracts to gain the benefits of volume purchasing.

This enhanced integration also means that data from the estimate can populate Job Costing so that as the project progresses, budgeted costs are compared with actual costs and any problem areas are highlighted for further investigation. Time sheet data entered into Job Costing is also used to automatically update Payroll Costing, reducing administration time.

In parallel, Amtech’s Accounts module ensures that each purchase order, time sheet and invoice is automatically posted onto the relevant contract and cost ledger - along with applications for ledger and sales invoices.

The end result is that many routine tasks that had previously consumed a great deal of time are now more streamlined. In addition, J S Wright now has improved visibility of key data to help in the management of the business.

In early 2011, J S Wright launched an office in the heart of the capital. With over 60 per cent of their turnover coming from London projects, a huge major investment was made to become major players in the South East. J S Wright’s professionalism has made them the supplier of choice for leading developers.

 Having used Amtech’s Estimating software for some years and been very impressed by it, we had confidence in the quality of the additional modules that we have now taken on.


Martin Roberts, Financial Director

J S Wright Case Study


Company Overview

Founded in 1890, J S Wright is a mechanical contracting company that operates in a diverse range of sectors including commercial, hotels & leisure, residential and healthcare. The company provides a nationwide service from concept to final installation and maintenance, whilst priding itself on retaining the friendliness and mutual support of a traditional family firm.

J S Wright has a strong commitment to taking a pro-active and progressive stance, working closely with other project partners from the early concept and design stage of a project. Around 80% of the company’s work is repeat business – a clear indication that its partnering approach is appreciated by others.



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