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Business Challenge

As a small family run local distributor competing in a market with many large players, Group B needs to differentiate itself and therefore values the relationships it builds with customers of all sizes. To that end a high quality service is considered to be essential: “I firmly believe that if the service is good then you don’t have to compete just on price” commented David Bevan.

A key part of this service culture is the ability to quickly provide customers with the information they require. Group B staff also need to be sure they are working with accurate prices and discount information to maintain profitability. Fast access to up to date prices using the Luckins service has been vital to meeting these criteria.


Why Amtech

Group B first began managing its pricing information with Luckins printed books in 1971 and had been very pleased with the service. As time and technology moved on the company recognised the benefits of switching to the Luckins electronic pricing service for quicker and easier access to pricing information. Consequently, Group B upgraded their system in 2007.


Group B


Meeting the Challenges

The Luckins data integrates seamlessly with an Agathos stock control and distribution system, providing visibility of all prices for all of the staff who use the system. These include staff dealing with customers face to face in the shop, on the trade counter, as well as on the phone. Goods are also registered on the system as they arrive.

Crucially, items held in stock are linked to the Luckins database so that any trade price increases are applied automatically. This has proved invaluable in the last few years, when the frequency of price changes by manufacturers has been unprecedented.

It is important that this information is easily accessible for all staff and that new staff can learn the system quickly. In selecting Luckins electronic prices Group B recognises that this ease and speed of access is important in helping customers. As well as checking prices, staff can also look up the historical discounts when dealing with regular customers that have accounts.

Just as importantly, using Luckins saves staff a lot of time so that their efforts can be focused on other areas, such as engaging with customers and delivering the service on which Group B has built its reputation.

 The Luckins service plays a key role in delivering a fast and efficient service to customers, as well as ensuring that we are working with accurate prices.


David Bevan, Managing Director

Group B Case Study


Company Overview

Group B is an electrical and lighting distributor that has been trading in the Shepherds Bush area since 1971. The company has a diverse customer base, ranging from large electrical contractors through to local electricians and DIY enthusiasts with a high proportion of repeat business. This level of customer loyalty is attributed to the emphasis placed on customer service – something that Managing Director David Bevan believes makes Group B stand out from the crowd.

Group B has an extensive stock of lighting and electrical wholesale products and will source non-standard items quickly, offering customers a free daily delivery service. The products are backed by the staff’s extensive product knowledge which helps customers to select the right product for their requirements.

The company is a member of the Electrical Distributors Association (EDA) and AWebb buying group which helps it to remain competitive with the larger distributors.




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