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Amtech Benefits

CTS has found that using Amtech software has proved beneficial in a number of areas of the business. For example, when extending a system and asking the local District Network Operator for additional load it is very helpful to be able to export the required design information to a PDF and include that with the application. “Electricity companies are often wary of providing additional load and the software helps us to prove that the system has been designed properly,” Darren Crannis explained.

The ability to share information easily with others has also proved useful. When certificates are issued for example, CTS also appends the details of the design and calculations.

“Customers have a lot of confidence in a system designed and verified using Amtech software because it is recognised as the industry standard software. Also, when quoting for jobs it is easy to demonstrate the key criteria underlying the design, such as the reasoning for selecting particular cable sizes,” Darren added.

 I like Amtech because it gives our customers confidence that the design complies with British Standards and has been carried out using the industry standard software.


Darren Crannis, Crannis Technology Services

Crannis Technology Services Ltd Case Study


Company Overview

Crannis Technology Services Ltd (CTS) provides design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems for commercial, industrial and domestic customers, as well as installation of structured cabling. The company does all of its design work in-house, using both SingleCable and ProDesign from the Amtech Office suite. Information from these design packages is then transferred to FastTest for certification.

“We initially bought Amtech Office for the SingleCable module, as we found that manual calculations were taking too long on some projects. Implementing Amtech software has enabled us to speed up these processes, using SingleCable for small projects and ProDesign for larger projects, while having complete confidence in our designs,” recalled CTS founder and owner Darren Crannis. “We now make regular use of all of the software within the Office suite and it has proved very useful in terms of productivity, accuracy and regulatory compliance.





Software Utilised

Amtech Office


Swindon, Wiltshire