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Technical Challenge

Atkins has electrical engineers producing designs to IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards, as well as specifications, in the UK, Middle East and India. Making extensive use of information technology, these geographically separated groups operate as a single entity, ensuring they are responsive to clients’ needs while making optimum use of resources.

Consequently, the ability to share information easily within the design environment is of critical importance to the company and its clients. Functionality, ease of use and regular updates in line with changes to regulations and standards are also key criteria in the company’s choice of specification and electrical design software.


Why Amtech

Atkins has been using Amtech software for over 10 years and currently uses Designer Suite Pro which incorporates ProDesign, Protect HV, Powernet HV and SingleCable for design work and NES (National Engineering Specification) for writing specifications.

The networking functionality of ProDesign proves very useful in supporting collaborative working, while the regular updates ensure the software facilitates compliance with regulations. Access to regularly updated information through NES helps to ensure that specifications are aligned to the most recent standards.


Meeting the challenge

ProDesign is very much the workhorse of the design department and is used to produce schematics and schedules for the vast majority of projects that need to comply with IEC regulations. These may range from 4 boards to 400 boards and larger projects are often dealt with by teams of engineers, all using ProDesign to maintain consistency.
Protect HV is used for co-ordination studies on high voltage projects and the integration with ProDesign helps to save time when the design needs to change to accommodate co-ordination requirements.

When the initial design has been created in ProDesign, the schedule is created in PDF format and sent to contractors for production of estimates. ProDesign also proves useful in answering questions from contractors as it is very easy to interrogate the design to find the required information.

Atkins always takes advantage of updates to ProDesign when they are available. Not only does this help to highlight any areas of non-compliance with the latest regulations, it is also useful when Atkins is asked to check the work of other companies.

NES (National Engineering Specification) is now used for writing all specifications and Atkins has noted that the latest generations are much easier to use than earlier versions. As well as providing quick access to all of the required information, NES enables Atkins to ensure that the specifications sent to contractors are very tight, so there is less likelihood of subsequent changes.

Atkins Case Study


Company Overview

Established in 1938, Atkins is one of the world’s leading engineering design consultancies, employing some 17,407 people across the UK, North America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe. It has the breadth and depth of expertise to plan, design and enable some of the world’s most technically challenging and time critical infrastructure projects.

A case in point was Atkins’ role as official engineering design services provider for the London 2012 Games, setting new standards in many of its innovative designs of venues and supporting infrastructure.




Engineering design consultancy

Software Utilised

ProDesignProtect HVNES