Estimating: Do you play to your strengths?

You / your team members are likely to be very experienced in some areas, and less so in others.  The area an individual has least expertise in will generally be the area where they have the greatest margin of error. They may make errors that include omissions, incorrect product selection, inappropriate use of labour rates etc. All of which will impact on your bottom line.

Driverless cars in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is to be the first area for driverless cars to be tested. £1.5m has been given to Milton Keynes from the government for the pods which will travel at 12mph and transport people around that area on selected routes.

New Infographic: The XG way – estimating for profit

A robust estimating process can not only safeguard your estimates and reduce the risk of errors, but can lead the way to more profitable jobs.

Download our newest infographic: The XG way - estimate for profit.

Who are Britain’s most trustworthy tradesmen?

Who would you place at the top of the list? Many people would ask if there is such a thing. With the media only ever highlighting the rare few who do not do their jobs properly. Helly Henson Workwear has commissioned a study using 2000 brits to find out who are the most trustworthy tradesmen.

5 key things Electrical Wholesalers need to know

Electrical wholesaling, like distribution and retailing in every sector, is about buying, stocking, selling and delivering products. But while wholesalers are prepared to invest in computer hardware and software, few give the same consideration to their product data strategy.

Engineering in 2014

The start of a new year means a new release of Engineering UK 2015: The State of Engineering, this important report describes how the construction industry is growing. 2014 was a good year for the engineering sector and the 25th July marked the day that the UK’s economic growth finally recovered to pre-recession levels.

Do you manage last-minute estimating changes effectively?

Last minute changes, or those made in a hurry, are inherently a risk to your business.  Do you manage your last-minute changes effectively or could you do more?

Why agile methods are the future of estimating

Value engineering is expected to become increasingly important in the UK if Construction 2025 [i] targets are to be met and is more likely to begin to encompass a much broader definition.  We can expect to see value engineering activity in design proposal, project execution, and quality and environment management plans.


Structuring estimates to reduce risk

The way you use estimate structures can have a big impact on risk within your business.

Trimble acquires Amtech Group

Trimble Acquires UK-based Amtech Group to Expand its Global Presence in the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Market

Recruiting for Growth

Current statistics from the Construction Industry Training Board, suggest that the industry will grow on average 2.2% between now and 2018 which translates to around 182,000 extra jobs [i]. Clearly the industry will face a significant challenge in meeting this additional recruitment demand over the next four years.

Apprenticeships - Earn while you learn

Tuition fees are currently at an all-time high and young adults are now looking for other options instead of a university degree to further their education. A growing amount of students that are going to university are revealing they are dissatisfied with their education because they feel they are not getting value for money.

Do I need Risk Assessments in my electrical business?

The DPC for Amendment 3 proposes the placement of additional, clear responsibility on the designer to produce Risk Assessments for the omission of additional protection by means of an RCD for socket outlets with a rated current not exceeding 20A.

Is Electrical Contractor software worth the money?

Different types of Electrical Contracting software have been around for a long time in varying levels.  How beneficial is using electrical software over good old pencil and paper?  How much time would it save you?  More importantly how much is that time worth to you and your business?