Five Top Tips for a happy and productive workforce

In our industry, it's never been more important to value diversity and inclusion among your workforce. A broader range of people mean a richer, deeper pool of talent at your disposal. Here, we offer our top five tips to making sure you run a happy ship where every employee is determined to sail towards success.   

BIM: The Law And You

When I started in my career as a contracts manager I produced electrical layouts for buildings using a pen and paper on a drawing board. The move from this process through CAD to BIM has resulted in, on one hand very little changes and on the other large differences which are now revolutionising the construction industry.

Make a killing with forensic ROI

Portable, accurate, fast and significantly cheaper than other technologies, robotic total stations are playing an increasingly vital role in crime scene mapping the world over. However, they are more often used in the AEC industry where surveyors, contractors and sub-contractors are progressively reaping the rewards of greater efficiency and accuracy they provide. Happily, thanks to Trimble’s Field Link for MEP, it needn’t be murder for even the smallest businesses to benefit from using robotic total stations for layout.

Teaming up with tech

The time has come for electrical contractors to gear up for BIM – and make the most of it. Chris Quirk of, Trimble MEP, explains how BIM can be combined with scanning and field positioning technologies in refurbishment and new build projects

BIM: For Pleasure & For Profit

Our industry has many acronyms, but one in particular has been impossible to escape in recent years. As an MEP Engineer or contractor, you’ve no doubt heard it too. BIM. I ask you to park everything you have heard for the next few minutes whilst I unpick the hyperbole and try to make some sense of the madness.

BIM & Design: From Architects to Subcontractors – Who does what?

We’re often told how BIM will revolutionise the design and build process and that collaboration is key. We’re also frequently reminded that BIM is less about technology than it is about people and processes. What isn’t always immediately clear is where each of us sits, and where our responsibilities lie, in the BIM process.

BIM & Design Quiz

BIM. We’ve all heard of it. In fact, it's rare that someone, somewhere, isn't talking about it but what does it mean to different people throughout the design/build process? Test your knowledge BIM knowledge in our quick quiz.

Fraud Risk - People Change Things as Things Change People

With estimates suggesting that fraud and corruption could account for as much as 5-10% of total turnover in the global construction industry, it’s safe to say both present a significant threat to growth. However, whatever the size of your business and contracts, there are some steps you can take to safeguard your company’s income and reputation from falling foul of fraudulent activity that robs the AEC sector of approximately $1 trillion US Dollars annually.

Construction & An Ageing Population

Construction is one of the main pillars propping up the UK economy. And it’s a far-reaching industry, going way beyond hard hats and scaffolding to take in civil engineering, architecture, and even Kirstie and Phil. Generally, it’s high-cost/high-risk stuff, so it’s a decent litmus test of how the economy is doing. Right now, investment is on the up. But there’s just one thing we didn’t get planning permission for: a skills shortage.

Women In Engineering Quiz

If you've read the blog, you should know the facts. Test your knowledge with our quick quiz on the alarming stats and facts that illustrate the width of the industry gender gap. 

Will Robots Ever Replace People?

You would be hard pressed to find an industry that hasn’t been impacted by technology in one way or another and construction is no different. However the growth of the use of tech – and robotics in particular – has led to fears that our jobs are in danger and soon we’ll be consigned to the scrap heap while the latest wave of AI lays bricks and designs plans for major building projects. However, while the robots may be poaching jobs in some industries, that isn’t necessarily true for construction.

Women in Engineering

Recent research from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job site, reveals that an overwhelming 71.8% of female engineers don’t believe that young women are being made aware of the abundant career opportunities available in the sector. Ultimately this has a damaging effect on the pipeline of female talent.

A Garden Bridge too far: 10 construction projects that broke the bank

Mired in controversy since its inception, London’s Garden Bridge could waste around £40m of public money if it has to be scrapped. Far from being the first project that’s cost the earth, Garden Bridge is just the latest in a long line of construction projects that have broken the bank. Here we take a look at ten of history’s costliest buildings, many of which make Garden Bridge look like a bit of a bargain.

Interserve: Why we'll never go back on BIM

When Interserve won the contract to build the £90m Manchester Proton Beam Therapy Unit at Christie Hospital in Manchester, they knew that such a ground-breaking facility warranted the use of innovative technology and showcase our commitment to BIM at every stage of the development.

BIM: A Definition

BIM operates at different levels. Each level describes a different set of criteria which, when met, demonstrate a particular level of ‘BIM maturity’. These levels begin with 0 and go up to 4D and beyond. They are used to gauge how effectively information is being shared and managed throughout the supply chain.