Five Top Tips:

For a happy and productive workforce

In our industry, it's never been more important to value diversity and inclusion among your workforce. A broader range of people mean a richer, deeper pool of talent at your disposal.

However, making sure your rich talent-pool keeps fresh, creative and happy is an on-going challenge.

Here, we offer our top five tips to making sure you run a happy ship where every employee is determined to sail towards success.   



Talent matters

Even if your business relies heavily upon processes or technology, ensure you value and maintain talent. Talented people can think on their feet and offer a different perspective when there are problems to be solved.



Invest in Developing Your People

The value of your employees should appreciate with time. Investing in your employees now will keep paying dividends for years to come. Training, covering certification fees and sponsoring your people to attend industry events are all valuable and will return ROI rapidly.



Ensure your health and safety procedures are ship-shape

‘Health and safety’ might be the butt of multiple jokes but, for you and you employees they’re no joke. As well as ensuring you’re not financially liable for any personal indiscretions, the very presence of a well thought out, rigorous policy reassures your workforce that they’re safe, valued and respected as part of an ethical and responsible team.  



People need maintenance and empathy

Rehiring and retraining staff is far more costly than retaining a happy workforce. It’s also extremely wise to make sure there’s a listening ear available for anyone with ideas, suggestions and opinions. Create a positive culture, develop skills and make sure your business welcomes diversity and embraces input. Offering constructive feedback, good benefits and structured career paths are all good pathways towards retaining staff and keeping resentment at bay.



Communicate Performance Expectations clearly

Never assume your staff know what’s expected from them. Without clarity, optimum performance will rarely occur. You might think something is self-evident to staff but without clarification from you, there will always be grey areas and guesswork. Set and agree individual and collective targets. Also be sure to praise and reward your staff when targets are met and exceeded.



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