Small construction firm success:
Weaving a web online


According to the Office of National Statistics, 78% of UK adults accessed the internet every day in 2015. Online searches are now the primary means by which most people find goods and services. With this in mind, an online presence is essential to any successful trader, whatever their size.

Visit: Google My Business and follow the simple steps to register by business type and location. You can even add photos to illustrate the quality of the work you do and show what sets you apart from the crowd. Once you’ve registered your business, people to searching by trade and location, for example: ‘Electricians in (your) Hometown’, will immediately find your company name, details of the services you provide and your contact details.

You should also consider setting up a small website. This isn’t nearly as technical or as expensive as you might think. In fact, you can create a really great website in just one day for less than £100! Well worth it in terms of standing out from the competition. Check out Squarespace, 1&1 and Wordpress to see how easy and cheap it is to create a website that will show and tell potential customers what you do. Again, as with branding, this really will assure people of your credibility and professionalism. Again, it lets them know that they’re enlisting the services of a highly-skilled company who, in turn, command proper prices and have integrity and a reputation to uphold.



Did you know...
Of all Internet users, 65% see online search as the most trusted source of information about people and companies!



There’s no need to pay someone else to build a site for you. In fact, it’s not generally advisable. While it may seem easier in the short term, it will become outdated very quickly. This means you’ll have to keep going back and paying for updates. The three providers we’ve mentioned are all cloud-based. Not only will you be able to make updates to content very easily, you don’t need to know anything technical or be an online wizard.

When it comes to winning bigger and better contracts, the way our industry works has changed. What was enough years ago, simply doesn't cut the mustard in a world where almost every business transaction seems to have its roots online.

To find out more about how you can maximise the marketing potential of a variety of 21st century techniques, download our free guide and try our top-tips for promoting your small business and staying ahead of the competition in today's dog-eat-dog virtual world.  


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When you're busy running your business, finding time to win more work is a challenge. While it's often better to do a little bit each day to market your skills and get ahead of the competition, It's sometimes hard to remember exactly what you did the last time you were able to take up the task.

Our handy checklist will help you keep track of which tasks you've mastered and what's left to do as you start to build your brand and add more customers to your books!


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Powerful marketing and considered branding can elevate your business above the competition.

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