Make a killing with forensic ROI

Portable, accurate, fast and significantly cheaper than other technologies, robotic total stations, along with 3D laser scanners, are increasingly playing a role in crime scene mapping the world over. However, they are more often used in the AEC industry where surveyors, contractors and sub-contractors are progressively reaping the rewards of greater efficiency and accuracy they provide. Indeed, thanks to Trimble’s Field Link for MEP, it needn’t be murder for even the smallest businesses to benefit from using robotic total stations for digital layout.

Whereas, previously, a whole team – often armed with little more than a set of building drawings, a tape measure and a piece of string – was needed on site for layout, an RTS needs just one person to complete the job comfortably. Just as it is for forensic personnel, using a Trimble robotic total station (available in the UK through Amtech, a Trimble-company) on the jobsite is simple. Easy to set up, it can perform positioning up to 700 meters away with the prism pole. In addition, if you need to reach dangerous or difficult locations, you can use the reflectorless distance measurement capability to measure positions also up to 700 meters away. The RTS’ stable-mate of Trimble’s Rapid Positioning System – consisting of a RPT600 layout tool and software – also ensures anyone can perform layout tasks alone and with minimal training. As well as speeding up ROI through reduced manpower, one-person operation also means companies without dedicated layout teams can comfortably own and operate a robotic total station. Increased accuracy, reduced clash and outstanding quality are other key benefits. A Trimble RTS also ensures work can be completed exactly ‘as per design’, avoiding potential disputes and claims of inaccuracy. Together with slashing the need for clash-related remedial works and prompting dramatic improvements to quality control, all these elements combined can mean payback on a robot is realised exceptionally quickly. In fact, so dramatic are the reductions in lost time and wasted materials, several RTS users have reported recouping their investment in a single project.

Another bonus of robotic total stations is their capacity to unlock the world of BIM-to-Field

One of the major reasons cited for slow or non-adoption of BIM is a lack of information about what each level denotes. Consequently, how RTS systems can move businesses to working in 5D and 6D isn’t always widely understood. However, companies looking to evolve their BIM strategy and technology into construction and operation will need to complete tasks, such as field layout, direct from the model.     

At these more sophisticated levels, where consideration must be given to factors such as model-based estimating, a live link to the field is a must-have.

Using a Trimble robotic total station, this link can be provided in part by allowing work to be tracked as it’s completed. Changes can be applied when necessary and the tracking of works elevated to the next stage of the construction process. Intelligent field products, like robotic total station, ensure the site is always up-to-date and working at maximum efficiency, reducing delays, speeding up processes and facilitating building life-cycle management. 

Whether you’re advancing your company’s adoption of BIM through extending the workflow into the field, improving your quality control process or striving to significantly increase efficiency, the benefits of robotic total stations are considerable.

Perhaps it’s time to contact Trimble MEP and put robotic total stations under the microscope to examine fully what they can do for you?



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Increasing efficiency and accuracy Robotic Total Stations are being utilised by companies across the world. Revolutionising the layout processes and BIM progressions but Britain still loves a tape measure despite all the additional work and risk involved.

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