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Are Estimating processes damaging your business?

Your Estimating processes could be damaging your profitability, reputation, efficiency and responsiveness and ultimately, your business see how you can minimise your risk with quick and easy steps.




Errors and omissions from estimates are the number one cause of poor project pro­fitability. Using estimating software to create estimates opens up the opportunity to use kits and other features to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Errors in your estimates, or glaring omissions look bad to your potential clients. It’s simple to say but it can be harder to actually do something about. Well-structured estimates are more likely to be complete so following a good structure can help.

Your business is likely to be experiencing an efficiency hit if you are not following good estimating practices. It may seem quicker to manually add items to every estimate, however, taking time to use many of the features in estimating software pays back many times over. Not only are you more efficient in the long run, your estimates are more accurate.

The way you estimate has a knock-on effect to the extent to which you can respond quickly and effectively to change.  Those who use estimating software with features such as document storage, in-depth job structure capability and product substitution capabilities can respond very rapidly to client change with con­fidence.

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